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Halloween Costumes for Duos and Groups

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

It’s that time of year. 

The leaves are starting to change. The weather is getting cooler. And with that comes one of the most popular holidays of the year: Halloween. 

With Halloween just around the corner, people are already scrambling to find their perfect costume. But it can be hard! Everyone wants to be unique and original. It’s even harder for group costumes because not everyone has the same ideas in mind. For those who need inspiration, here are some of my favorite costumes for duos and groups. 

Duo Costumes 

Wendy and Tinkerbell 

This is a perfect, easy costume to put together. It’s super simple, and everyone will know who you are. You can easily find a baby blue dress and a white hair ribbon for Wendy, and then all you really need for Tinkerbell is a green dress and a pair of wings. 

Barbie and Ken

Barbie is such a cute idea for a costume. Although the movie was super popular and many people will probably be going as Barbie, it would be absolutely adorable to see everyone dressed up as their favorite Barbies on Halloween. You can wear all pink to get that Barbie look or dress up as a Barbie from your favorite animated Barbie movie!

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

Peach and Daisy are perfect for any duo looking for a cute costume. It’s fairly easy to find everything you need for the costume, and everyone will know what you are going for. You can also turn this into a group costume by adding in Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or any other Super Mario characters. 

Wednesday and Enid (from the Netflix show Wednesday)

Wednesday and Enid is a great duo Halloween costume for two friends who don’t exactly have similar tastes in fashion and/or costumes. The contrast of the two allows for each person to really show off their personality, while still staying true to the duo costume. 

Trio Costumes

The Sanderson Sisters 

This is a classic Halloween costume. It’s easy to recognize, and you can shop at local stores to find the packaged costume, or easily go the DIY route and make it your own. 

Kiss, Marry, Kill 

It’s a fun spin on the game Kiss, Marry, Kill that we have all played at least once in our teenage years. All you need is for each person to wear their respective colors (Kiss-Red, Marry-White, Kill-Black), and then you can each make the costume your own. 

Charlie’s Angels

This costume is great for any trio. All you need is an all-black ensemble, and you will have perfected the look. You can easily make the costume with items already in your wardrobe, or you can find cheap options on places like Amazon or Forever 21. 

Gru and Minions 

If you are looking for a funny and unique costume, look no further. This is a super fun idea and can easily be made into a duo costume. If you are looking for a costume for a bigger group, just add more minions. The more minions, the better. 

Groups 4+

The Scooby-Doo Gang 

This costume is nostalgic for all, and there will be no mystery as to what your costume is. It can be easily DIY-ed and if you need to add in more than five people, someone can always go as one of the many monsters from the series, as well as the Mystery Machine! 

Disney Princesses

A quick and simple costume to put together is your favorite Disney Princess. All you need is a dress in your princess’ color, and you can add a tiara for the finishing touch. 

One Direction

Going as One Direction, or any favorite boyband, is a great way to be unique and also add a bit of your personality to the costumes. No one member of the group is the same, so it will be fun getting to assign each member to your friends!

Ella is currently a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a degree in Communications. She loves reading and writing in her free time and loves getting to talk about important topics or events in the media.