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Halloween at College (As Told by Gifs)

Back in high school, Halloween may or may not have been a holiday worth celebrating. Maybe you had a school dance, or a costume party. Halloween at college is a little bit different.

First, a lot of people will start getting really pumped at least an entire month ahead of time.

And if you’re not that type, you may be the odd one out.

ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween will pretty much be on wherever you go, so get ready to watch a lot of corny and scary movies.

Halloweentown FOREVER!

Chances are there will be two whole weekends of celebration, so you should have at least 2 or 3 costume ideas ready.

Maybe even some costume makeup ideas.

Look out: there will be CATS EVERYWHERE.

You may even be part of a group costume.

There will be a couple different types of people you’ll see: the ones who want to look sexy (guys included), the ones who really don’t care about costumes, and the ones who go ALL OUT.

It’s a good idea to go thrift shopping for your costume.

Unless you want to carry them from party to party all night, you probably don’t wear heels because THEY HURT and you’re going to want to dance.

But the dancing may be more like….

And be prepared to probably ingest lots of weird drinks like “Pumpkin Spice Vodka,” “Fireball Cider,” and “Cider Jungle Juice,” some of which may be delicious, and others not so much.

There’s a chance you may see someone in your costume, don’t let it bother you. There’s a lot of people here, it was bound to happen.

The main rule is, just make sure you look fabulous. Let the haters hate.

And don’t get burned out after one night, because it will be a long weekend.

Stay safe, kids. Happy Halloween!

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