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To be honest, I was a little bit nervous to write this, because I am definitely not a music critic in any way. However, I am a big fan of Gracie Abrams, so I decided to go for it anyway. I discovered Gracie Abrams a couple years ago, when she had only released about five songs. I immediately fell in love with her music; I remember asking Alexa to shuffle Gracie Abrams after I heard one of her songs, “stay,” and getting so frustrated when she kept turning off, only to realize that she kept turning off after only a couple minutes because there were only a few songs. Getting to witness her discography grow, and hear all of her new music as it comes out, has been such a rewarding experience for me over the past few years. So, I was understandably excited when I heard she was releasing a new album, and after listening through it more than a couple times, it has definitely lived up to my expectations. Abrams truly has a gift for writing lyrics that cut straight to the bone, delivering vivid scenes of heartbreak, healing and relationships that hurt, even for someone who’s never been in a relationship (yes I am talking about me here). Overall, I really enjoyed this album, and I highly recommend you give it (and all of her other music) a listen!

Favorite Songs

“I know it won’t work”:

Super catchy, super sad, what more can you ask for? This song does such a good job of moving back and forth between conflicting emotions, wanting someone back and loving them while at the same time knowing that it’s better you stay apart and being furious at them for just refusing to try.

“I should hate you”:

The bridge of this song makes me feel a little bit insane. The way the beat picks up, and the rage that has been simmering below the surface since the beginning of the song starts to bubble over, just to be overtaken again by the sorrow and defeat. Crazy.

“The blue”:

I’m not sure what it is about this song that I like so much. It’s definitely catchy, which is a big part of it, but there’s also just something about it that makes me want to put it on repeat. I love the sense of confusion and apprehension that she sings with, while reciting lyrics that seem like they would be so happy. It’s also my little sister’s favorite song from the album, which I feel like pushes it up my list a little bit. 

Favorite Lines

“All I ever think about is where the hell you even are, and I swear to God I’d kill you if I loved you less hard,” – from “I should hate you”

“Heard you keep the extra closet empty, in case this year, I come back and stay throughout my twenties,” – from “I know it won’t work”

“What a brutal way to die, but you choose it every time,” – from “Where do we go now?”

“When I scream, you’re my echo. Will you cry if I let go?” – from “Will you cry?”

I hope you enjoy Gracie Abrams and her music as much as I do. Happy listening!

Kaitlyn is the Business/PR Manager for the Her Campus University of Pittsburgh Chapter, as well as a writer. She is currently a second-year student at Pitt, and initially joined Her Campus last year. Most of her articles cover recipes or entertainment topics like books, movies, and music, but she is looking to expand to a wider breadth of topics. Kaitlyn is an English Literature Major, and plans to minor in both Spanish and Chinese. She is a member of the Frederick Honors College, with plans to study abroad in China or Taiwan. In addition to Her Campus, Kaitlyn is a member of Studio 412, another student publication at Pitt. Outside of classes, Kaitlyn can frequently be found gushing about her dogs, reading, or cooking something for herself and her roommates.