A Girl’s Guide to Second Day Hair

Every girl knows that it’s a pain in the butt having to wash their hair every single night.  Along with washing hair comes the tedious task of blow-drying and styling it…which is the last thing someone wants to worry about when they have to be up for their 8 a.m. class the next morning!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have ways to make your hair look great even if it has been a couple of days since you last washed it? Well, your prayers have been answered! Here are some cute and easy ways to make your second day hair look fabulous.

1.  The Side Braid

Whether you have short or long hair, a quick braid can make anyone look stylish!  Throwing your hair into a side braid prevents you from having to straighten or curl your locks.  After braiding your hair, jazz it up with a cute head band or hair accessory!

2.  The Bang Twist

This is a great way to give your flattened second day hair a little volume! The process is as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is part your bangs into two separate chunks, and twist the pieces around each other. Once that is done, pin the twisted piece back into a low bun using bobby pins, or even a cute flower clip! 

3.  The High Pony

Every girl knows how to pull her hair into a high ponytail, but here’s a way to make it even more chic. Once the ponytail is at its desired height and securely tied with a hairband, take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and braid it.  After the braid is complete, wrap it around the ponytail until the hairband is completely covered.  Secure the end of the braid with one or two bobby pins so that it stays in place, and you’re done!

4.  The Dry Shampoo Effect

Dry shampoo is any girl’s best friend.  If the ends of your curls are staying in place, but your roots are starting to look a bit oily, dry shampoo will do the trick!  I use Suave (mostly because it smells like peach rings), but any brand of your choice will do the same thing and can be purchased in any convenience store, such as CVS or Rite Aid. Another alternative that has the same effect as dry shampoo is baby powder. Put a little bit of baby powder in your hand and place it along your hair part.  Rub it in until the white powder starts to absorb the oils, and your hair will look as good as new!

Photo Credit given to the author, Lexi Surunis.