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Gather around boys and girls: we were all given the gift of eyebrows at birth, but some have treated them with care while others with carelessness. To say I am an eyebrow connoisseur would not be an understatement, but I am also no expert. Let’s start with some dos and donts then move on to a guide! (Reminder: these work for both men and women. Men, male grooming is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, please do.)


-Go to someone to get them properly shaped

-Trim them

-Keep their natural shape

-Have an arch

-Tame them with eyebrow gel (available at any drugstore)

-Understand they are siblings, not twins (there will always be a better eyebrow)

-Have two… simple as that




-Color them (I have bleach blonde hair and dark eyebrows, and it's all good. Eyebrows don’t grow that fast, so it is permanent when you color them)

-On that note, don’t EVER bleach them

-Ignore them

-Pretend they don’t frame your face. They do, they shape your face


Here is your guide on how to keep their shape and wonderfulness.

For women:

  1. The start of your brows should line up with your outer nose
  2. The arch should go directly through half of your eye, going on a diagonal from the same outer nose portion
  3. End your eyebrow where the end of your eye is, on a diagonal from that same outer portion of your nose
  4. Imagine a line going from your under your eyebrow from start to finish, that is how down it should go

For men:

  1. Shape them to keep your face looking clean
  2. Focus on keeping them separate, no unibrows

Stay fab, my eyebrow owning students. Remember, treat them with kindness and they shall be kind back.


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