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Get Out Of That Fashion Funk ASAP

Am I the only one who craves sweaters and cold weather at the peak of summer; and wants shorts and gladiator sandals in the dead of winter? Though this may be totally weird, I can’t help it. I get in a fashion funk come mid-July, where I’ve already worn my high-waisted shorts more than enough times, and just want to live in my bathing suit 24/7. When parties and barbeques continue to pop up in my schedule, I just don’t know where to turn for outfit help. Where is Cher’s outfit coordinator when you need it? Mismatched outfit? AS IF! However, I refuse to get into the summer fashion funk this summer; and I refuse to let anyone else to experience it as well. So, I have rounded up my stylish friends, gotten their favorite outfits for their favorite summer occasions, and have put together a guide to staying cool and fashionable all summer long! 

One of the most popular summer activities is attending concerts. Summer concerts, especially those that are outside, are the highlight of basically everyone’s summer. From tailgating to belting out the song lyrics with your family or friends, it’s close to impossible to have anything but a good time. That’s why dressing for these said concerts is so important. I’m a big believer in looking good, so you’re feeling good. High-waisted shorts can be paired with a light crocheted top and moto boots to stand out from the typical (and slightly overdone) high-waisted short and crop top look. As you can see below, this was the exact look that I wore to a Luke Bryan concert; while my sister rocked a black flowy tank dress and snakeskin gladiator sandals. 

Another popular summer event is the backyard party. How many cute patterned sundresses can one girl rock? Have no fear: there are other options. A light, flowy maxi dress like the one my best friend Katherine is sporting below is the perfect choice. Style it with a pair of aviators and you’ll look chic and summery. If a dress isn’t the look you’re going for, you can never go wrong with a pair of printed pants. Try them with a plain tank – the look is not only super stylish, but also comfortable. Throw on a floppy hat and you’re ready to party!

After you land that awesome summer internship, only one question matters: what am I going to wear? You could stick to the typical look: basic pencil skirts, A-line dresses, and flats. However, depending on how lenient your internship is with its dress code, you can mix things up a little bit. I am lucky enough to be interning at a company that focuses on creativity, so this gives me some room for being creative with my work attire. While Manhattan summers are brutally hot and my office can sometimes feel like I’m in an igloo, I have to balance these two extremes. Blazers and sweaters are my best friends as soon as I set foot in my building, while sleeveless tops are what I can be spotted in while running to catch my bus. Here, I paired structured, floral shorts with a black tank and a lightweight white blazer. I finished off the look with studded gladiators and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. 

I’m sure right now you’re thinking to yourself, “Okay, this is really great, but what do I wear when I’m not working or attending concerts? SOS!!” Well I can help you with that, too. Overall, being comfortable is what is most important when dressing for the summer. Tight clothing will not only make you more self-conscious, but you’ll also sweat ten times more (no one likes to sweat, right?). Flowy dresses and skirts are ideal for day-to-day. Also, I truly believe that every girl should own a pair of gladiator sandals and high-top converse. These are the types of shoes that you can throw on with anything and everything, and still look stylin’. Jean jackets are all the craze right now, which can be thrown on over a dress or skirt when the sun goes down. And always remember – an outfit is never complete without the right pair of sunglasses! 


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