Five Stages of Graduation Grief

As graduation rolls around this year, many seniors are being hit by a wave of emotions. Some feel relief to know that the days of homework are ending, but almost all of us are busy trying to make the most of the college experience we have left. Here are the five stages of graduation grief seniors are cycling through this spring.

1) Denial

I can still add one more semester. It's reasonable to add an extra minor for extra hirability, right? I could fail some classes too, or start grad school here in the fall?

2) Anger

How can they put me out into the world?! I AM NOT FULLY FORMED. I'm so angry that I rushed to finish my credits on time!!

3) Bargaining

What if I got an adult job on campus and convinced my roommates to stay in the area? I could be an academic counselor? A resident director? I bet they need SOMEONE to stay here and transition the new students.

4) Depression

All my friends are leaving soon and I can't sell my books back for anywhere near their worth. My social life is about to change drastically in a matter of weeks, and I'm not 100% sure how I originally fit this couch through my apartment doorway? *cries into diploma*

5) Acceptance

I got the boys downstairs to move our couch and my graduation dress fits like a glove. I'm also realizing my friends will always be there for me, even if we move away. My college experience has turned me in to the woman I am today and I'll always be a Pitt Panther, even after graduation.  


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