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The Five Best Hand Creams for the Freezing Weather

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

As the temperatures this winter continue to drop, I’ve realized that my lips are always chapped and my hands are so dry that they feel like rocks. With the weather in Pittsburgh being consistently cold and dreary, my hands feel like they are getting progressively worse! I’ve come up with my favorite hand creams that always do the trick, working their magic so that the next time I hold hands with someone, they will have no idea that my hands were drier than the Sahara Desert. 

5. Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream

This is an awesome hand cream that is also super friendly for your wallet! It gives you the right amount of moisture without your hands suddenly becoming grease balls, and for a great price. However, I had to apply it more often than I would have liked to for the moisture to remain. It’s awesome for winter, but if you’re going to be stepping out in 10 degrees or less, there may be some better options. 


4. Cetaphil Therapeutic Hand Cream

The best thing about Cetaphil products is that they are well suited for people with sensitive skin. Cetaphil products are generally extremely gentle; yet they are able to complete their task efficiently. Likewise, the hand cream tackles dry hands in a very gentle yet effective manner. 


3. Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Crème

This is the go-to product if you think you see cracks in your hands. When applied (although it may make your hands greasy for a little bit) it does wonders! This product is great if you’re searching for something that will result in a mini miracle.

2. Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

This product is amazing! It smells wonderful and does an astounding job of treating your hands. I can see a difference in my hands after just one application. Although it’s a little pricey, it’s well worth it! 


1. L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

I swear by this. Literally. After years of using different hand creams, I always come back to this one. This is the product you’ll always find in my purse, backpack, car, and bedroom. It’s a thick formula that smells a bit like baby powder (which I found strange at first), but after applying it to your hands, it gives them a matte finish and seals up all the dry skin without being greasy at all. I’ll admit the price is not exactly college friendly, but I received a tip from a beauty expert to make this product last. She said to get the most out of this cream, wash your hands before applying the cream. This allows you to use less of the product, although it will still soften and moisturize your hands. I use this hand cream every night before I sleep, and it never fails to keep my hands soft and supple throughout the winter!



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