The First Day of Classes as Told by Stranger Things

It’s that time of year again! With O-week coming to a close, it’s time to start gearing up for classes again. Even though we’ve experienced many ‘first days of school,’ a new semester can still bring nervous and anxious feelings. Here’s the emotional rollercoaster that is the first day of classes, as told by our favorite Stranger Things characters.

When you wake up excited for the new semester

And your roommates hype up your cute first day ‘fit on your way out the door

Realizing you have a friend in your lecture

When it’s your turn to share a fun fact about yourself

Listening to your professor go over the syllabus

And then realizing how many exams and assignments you’ll have to do this semester

When classes get out early because it’s syllabus week

Taking a mid-day nap because you’re not used to waking up for 8 a.m.’s – but then being woke up by your mom calling

When an upperclassman who already took the class tells you not to buy the textbook

Going to Starbucks after class to treat yourself for surviving such a “long” and “hard” day

And realizing you have to wake up and do it all again the next day

But deep down you know you’ll do great this semester because you always do

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