Finding Love In(n) the Most Unusual Conditions: 5 Keys to Getting a Rom-Com Fairytale Ending

It had been a while since Netflix released a life-altering, binge-worthy and cheesy Rom-Com like the classics: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth; but, thanks to our inexplicable ability to watch movies and waste all of our free time, the Netflix gods blessed with a definite competitor on the list of all-time Rom-Com masterpieces.  Falling Inn Love, the newest edition to an elite collection of date-night worthy movies, tells the story of how Gabriela Diaz, a wickedly innovative interior designer, embodies the mindset of a dreamer to challenge those who doubt her abilities and those who fail to believe in fairy-tale endings. Her courage to pursue her dreams, in spite of everyone’s doubts, proves to each and every 8-year old girl still in us that no matter what people say, dreams do come true.  With what little money she had, Gabriela transformed the beaten down, broken and outdated Bellfield Inn into the hottest new B&B in town with her modern spin on the timeless antique. Along her journey, she discovers what she truly seeks in life: to pursue her passion as an Interior Designer and find a committed and loving relationship.  After a detailed analysis of the film, like having a lowkey obsession, I discovered that Falling Inn Love gives its viewers a few major keys to unlocking the ultimate dream: a fairytale ending.

Leave the past in the past.

As the queen, Lizzo, states, “You're supposed to hold me down, but you're holding me back and that’s the sound of me not calling you back.” When faced with the tough situation of leaving a toxic relationship or job environment in the dust, having the courage to stand up for yourself will turn out for the better. With a boyfriend that tells her what to eat and co-workers that fail to hear her creative ideas,  Gabriela was not hesitant to kick her beau and colleagues to the curb and that fueled her desire to pursue her dreams.

Embrace a daring personality.

If you venture out of your comfort zone, the possibilities are endless for all that you can achieve.  You must challenge yourself to explore new options, do something far-fetched or out of the ordinary and allow the reins of control to loosen. Let the wind blow you in all different directions until you find the right path. With the assistance of some post-breakup adult beverages, Gabriela did what others would find odd or sketchy and entered a “Win an Inn” contest, which led to her getting not only an Inn, but a New Zealand hottie. So, grab yourself a big serving of confidence and courage and do something out of the ordinary; because, in Gabriela’s case, it changed her life.

Be open to new perspectives.

Don’t be hasty to rule out the possibility of a new relationship because of differences between you and your partner.  A new perspective can create a dynamic relationship that would not have had the chance to bud if you didn't change your perception on who would best suit you in a relationship.  To Gabriela, a modern, innovative, city-girl, the thought of falling for a classic, romantic, simple-livin’ boy, like Jake Taylor, was so out of sight and mind that she never realized he was the one for her until she opened her heart to the thought of loving him. While they may have encountered bumps along the way, in the end, their conflicting personalities and viewpoints became one entity, as seen in the modern, yet timeless remodeling of the Inn, and, shockingly, created a very functional relationship.

Have patience. Everything happens for a reason.

Nothing ever comes easy, especially to us girls.  You like a guy. You shoot your shot and it turns out he doesn’t feel the same.  Rather than curl up into your shell, which is what most of us would do, you have to move on, keep trying to put yourself out there and once fate wills it, all the pieces of your life will fall perfectly into place.  As if just ending her relationship could have been made any worse, Gabriela’s attempt to start anew with the Bellfield Inn went array when she saw how damaged it was.  But, thanks to its broken features, Gabriela had to work with the best contractor in town, Jake, who is a total babe.  Despite all the issues encountered on the journey, fate guided Gabriela in the direction of her happy ending. As for the rest of us, ours went out the door the second she snatched that New Zealand hottie. 

Fall in love with yourself before you go looking in other places.

In order for your soul to truly connect with another person, you must love who you are so you can emanate those feelings onto another.  Seeking love and praise from others and not giving any in return, won’t result in a relationship that you find in Rom-Com movies.  The love that is displayed through the TV  is untainted and equally distributed between two individuals (hence why each and every Rom-Com that has ever been known to man has a happy ending). Will every relationship be as pure, innocent and shared as the ones portrayed in the films? No, but we can do the best on our part of the relationship equation to develop the self-love required for the desired outcome.  Much like the Bellfield Inn, Gabriela’s love life was in shambles until she decided to work on fixing what had been damaged. She gathered her tools and got to work rebuilding what her ex and colleagues had destroyed: her love for who she is. The walls that once concealed her heart, were knocked down, the mirrors that made her question whether she was worth it or not, were shattered, and the doors that kept the thought of finding happiness a secret, were opened with the keys. 

It was a long and windy path for Gabriela to achieve her happy ending; but, after she incorporated the basis of these 5 keys into her life, she got what she always wanted: the co-ownership of an Inn and a committed and loving relationship with Jake. If finding your Prince Charming, carriage and white horses hasn’t been as simple as the flick of a magic wand, just remember to never stop watching these hopeful Netflix rom-coms. You never know, your happy ending may just spark the idea for the next binge-worthy hit.


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