An Encounter with a F*ckboy As Told by Gordon Ramsay

We’ve all been there. You’re out having a great time with your pals when a random f*ckboy appears.

It’s cool though. Maybe you’re just in a good mood or maybe you were looking to have a little fun anyway. You might decide to give him some attention.

F*ckboy tries some awful pick-up line he probably found online.

He’s giving you some pretty well-deserved attention though, so you let him keep talking.

And then, for some reason, you agree to go back to his apartment with him.

*SPOILER ALERT!*: It’s a total disaster inside.

The whole time he’s promising to “rock your world,”

…but you know better:

Still, it’s been a while and he’s kind of attractive. Maybe he’ll actually deliver.

When it’s over, there’s only one word that comes to mind:

You make up your mind to never talk to F*ckboy again and exit as quickly as possible.

You get a text from him in the morning telling you that he “had a great time, but it’s not going to be anything serious.”

As if! You let him know just how unimpressive he is.

Without fail, F*ckboy will try to hit you up at least once.

And maybe you just ignore it or you blow him off, but after the eighth time or so, you send him the clearest message possible:


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