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DIY Presents for Valentine’s Day

Holidays always seem to sneak up on you when you’re busiest. Valentine’s Day is no exception. I, for instance, was not expecting to have anyone around on Valentine’s Day. Thus, I prepared for a Chinese feast for the ages and as many horror movies as I could cram into twenty-four hours. If you find yourself in the same predicament, have no fear! Her Campus has the suggestions to save some face and your holiday expectations. The following are arranged from easiest to most difficult.

For the music lover:

Mixtapes on cassettes may belong to the 90s, but it’s still the thought that counts. Arrange a playlist on Spotify, SoundCloud or iTunes and forward it to your beloved as a sweet way to start the day. For the musically inclined themselves, write them a short song and I guarantee they’ll never forget it.

For the sporty:

If they play a sport that has particular equipment, like a tennis racket or cleats, revamp their style with a fresh cleaning or surprise them with a new workout shirt, hand painted by you with an inside joke.

For the hip or always chilly:

Adding patches to a beanie or sweater takes very little time or skill. Bonus points if you maintain a certain je ne sais quoi with your stitching to keep it feeling made with love, but make sure it’s secure so it won’t disappear when washed.

For the tech master:

While you might not be able to provide the latest gadgets, you can keep them organized with a cord container made out of a shoe box and construction paper to keep their desk clutter free and cute. If they’re always losing their chargers, you can also make a wrap and go organizer by stitching up a piece of durable fabric.

For the fashion forward:

Chokers are definitely in, and easy to decorate yourself for a personal flair. However, if you’re up for a challenge, break out your sewing tools again and make them a beach blanket with a built-in pillow. Spring break is just around the corner and they’ll love it for lounging on sandy beaches all day.

For the outdoorsy:

Make use of that drill from the engineering building and wood glue, and make them a collapsible stool for sitting around campfires or resting on hikes. You’ll need to acquire fairly thick lumber and be ready to spend a day or two sanding, but they’ll definitely appreciate the effort for future adventures to come.


I hope you appreciate the ideas, and good luck, DIYers!


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