DIY Halloween Dorm Décor

Halloween is fast approaching, but you may not be in the spirit yet. One way to change this is to decorate your dorm room with some Halloween decorations! Here are some easy and unique DIY projects to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Emoji Pumpkins

Pumpkins + emojis = Halloween happiness. Paint your pumpkin using a bright yellow color. You may need more than one coat to completely cover the orange of the pumpkin. Once the paint has dried, take a sharpie, cut out felt or construction pieces to create your favorite emojis. An added bonus of this DIY is that is doesn’t involve the messy and timely process of pumpkin carving!

Black Cat String Lights

Virtually every college girl has string lights hanging somewhere in her room. So why not add some Halloween spirit to those lights? One option is to cut out the face of a cat using black construction paper. Then, using a hole puncher, punch out holes for the cat’s eyes; however, be sure to measure how far each light bulb is before you cut out the construction paper.

Bat Lamp

If you have a lamp in your room with a lampshade, this DIY will work perfectly for you. Cut out bats using black construction paper, and if you are not artistically inclined like me, you can find a template online. Then simply tape the bats to the inside of the lamp shade.

Monsters, Inc. Door

I thought this was the cutest thing when I first saw it. What’s a better way to decorate a door for Halloween than as an actual door? To create Boo’s door all you really need is different colors of construction paper for the flowers and a long white piece of paper for the actual door. You can use a marker to draw the shape of the door on the white paper to make it look more realistic. Don’t forget the red light on top as well! If you want to go full-out, you could also make a scream canister. You could even make other doors from Monsters, Inc. with friends on your floor!

Washi Tape Spider Web

Using the upper corner of your wall, take black washi tape and place it in the pattern of a spider web. You can either buy plastic spiders or print out spiders online to put on the wall.

Plastic Cup Lanterns

All you need to do for this DIY is to draw some faces on colored plastic cups with black sharpie. For example, you can draw a Jack-o’-lantern face on the orange cup, a ghost or skeleton face on the white cup and a Frankenstein face on the green cup. Then just add an LED tealight, NOT a real candle, under the cup to create the lantern! You can put these lanterns on your windowsill or anywhere else in your room.

These Pinterest-worthy DIYs are sure to make you and your room ready for Halloween!


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