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Comfy & Cozy Items You Need to Add to Your Christmas Wishlist

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Are you constantly freezing during the brutal winters? Are you always looking for ways to be both comfortable and warm? Are you looking for items to add to your wish list this holiday season? Then look no further! Check out this list of must-have cozy items that will keep you warm and toasty without sacrificing your style.

Heated Blanket

In Pittsburgh, it can get so cold outside that no amount of heat in the world can keep your apartment warm. This is why you NEED a heated blanket! It will keep you nice and toasty during the brutal winter. Warning: You may never get out of bed once you get this heated blanket.


It is so hard to be both comfy and still look cute during the winter. A pair of UGGs will change this, though. You will stay cozy but still look cute with these boots that will keep your feet super warm, even in freezing weather!


You might not even think to put on a hat in the winter if you’re cold, but you would be amazed at how much warmer you will feel if you do. Beanies are an absolute must in the winter to stay warm and will also make any outfit 10x cuter!

Fleece-lined Leggings

There’s no need to sacrifice your comfort to stay warm when you wear fleece-lined leggings. Usually, I feel discouraged from wearing leggings in the winter because my legs are always freezing cold. Fleece-lined leggings will keep you warm and make you feel like you’re still in your pajamas. Check out this pair that won’t pill after going through the washer!

Blanket Scarves

The days of wearing small scarves that can barely wrap around your neck once are over. Blanket scarves are big enough to keep you warm when your winter coat just isn’t cutting it. Wrap it around your neck multiple times on your walk to class and then use it as a literal blanket once you’re inside to keep you warm!


No matter what the season, you will always need a nice pair of sweatpants to lounge around in. Check out this YouTube video where a girl reviews the top five sweatpants sent to her by her subscribers and pick your favorite!

Sherpa Sweatshirt

Who doesn’t want to wear a sweatshirt that feels like an actual cloud? Sherpa sweatshirts will be sure to keep you super cozy! Add this super cute sweatshirt to your wish list to stay warm all winter long.

Happy Holidays.

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