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Chocoholic Anonymous: Addicted to the Chocolate

     My name is Kelly, and I am addicted to chocolate. Yes, it’s true. I may look like a semi-normal, healthy college student that knows how to balance portions, but I think about when I’m going to get my next fix, at least once a day.
     And I did something that no chocoholic should ever do this past weekend. I went to the sale candy aisle in Target.It started off as a normal trip. I was visiting home for the weekend, so my mom and I decided to stock me up on the necessary toiletries that I am too cheap to buy for myself. Then, we were lured in by holiday decorations (yes, I know it’s early for the season, but how can anyone deny those shining lights and Christmas carols?). And, then, wouldn’t you know it, Target had decided to throw pounds of bags of chocolate candies in my face and then tell me it was 70% off. I mean, really? How am I supposed to deny that temptation?


Hershey bars, Peanut M&Ms, and Mr. Goodbars were begging me to eat them. Who am I to deny them?
But, now, they are sitting in my fridge staring at me every time I try to get some water, as if M&M’s are just as vital to my health as water. So, of course, I grab one of those fun- size bags to wash down all that water with. And before I know it, I see six empty wrappers in my trash just from today!
     Lesson learned: No longer will I keep candy or chocolate in my room. It’s bad enough just craving it in class or when I have to do my homework, but now it’s on my mind just because I know it’s there.
Now, I have to go out of my way to get chocolate. And if it isn’t worth trekking down to lower campus for, it probably isn’t worth eating.
     I think I’m starting to catch onto this whole not-needing-chocolate thing. It only took me six bags of fun-sized peanut M&M’s to see it.

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