Campus Celebrity


Meet Hannah Brady, this week’s campus celebrity. She can usually be found on the basketball courts or the football field cheering on the Pitt Panthers surrounded by the cheerleading team and hundreds of Pitt fans. Outside of athletics Hannah is involved in numerous clubs and activities on campus and is a senior at Pitt. As most people know or will soon find out, the anxiety over having a job before graduation is daunting. Yet, Hannah doesn’t have this problem as she has secured a position at a company that will enable her to learn and expand the knowledge she has gained at Pitt. Hannah is the all around Pitt girl and deserves to be recognized for her accomplishments!

HC: What is your favorite part about being a cheerleader for Pitt?


Hannah: My favorite part about being a cheerleader is supporting our Pitt athletic teams and representing the university as an ambassador. I also love helping out the community, which we do a lot of. One of my favorite things we do is being able to get to visit the veterans’ hospital.


HC: Do you feel that by being a cheerleader and being involved in different clubs on campus it has made you more motivated for the future?


Hannah: Yes definitely! Being a cheerleader and a part of a sorority has helped me meet with many different types of people, which I believe has made me more well rounded. I have become more outgoing and personable which is very advantageous when looking for jobs, going on interviews, and moving around.


HC: What is the best thing to do when you are stressing about the future?


Hannah: Take a second for yourself, realize what is important in life. You need to think about things as if it isn’t the end of the world and you are very fortune. There are a lot less fortunate people out there.


HC: How does it feel to know you have a job set up after graduation?


Hannah: It is a huge relief. I am able to relax and enjoy my last semester of college without worrying about the job search.


HC: Do you have any advice for younger people when they go about the process of looking for a job or just with school in general?


Hannah: I would say stand out in the clubs and activities that you are in. You should be taking leadership roles, exploring what’s out there and not limiting yourself to a certain area. And keep trying even if you get denied because I have gotten denied so I know how it feels. Just keep going, there are so many possibilities.


HC: What is your most memorable moment in your 4 years of being at Pitt?


Hannah: Probably freshman year Big East championship football game versus Cincinnati in 2009. I also have great memories with my sorority like when I got initiated, it was definitely a big day for me and something I will never forget.


HC: What is one of your favorite accomplishments at Pitt?


Hannah: I got a 4.0 last year and I have been a scholar athlete every year.