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Breakdown of GLEE’s Season Premier (SPOILER ALERT)

Well Gleekers, what did we think? The premiere of season four of Glee took place on Thursday at 9pm on FOX. It certainly started out with a bang; Rachel in New York with a hottie with a body (Sorry, Finn) and the New Directions sitting at the coveted “popular” table at lunch?

To be truthful, I wasn’t feeling the new diva attitude of the glee club; bullying the lunch lady and trying to become the next “Rachel” by fighting for the spot. Glee club always stood for accepting the different and welcoming anyone with talent but as they continued their turn at the lunch table, the bullying got worse and so did their attitudes. It took one brave, new directioner to stand up to them and make the existing members take a look at how they were treating each other and other students. Soon all was restored in the high school popularity scale as slushees were thrown into the new members’ faces.

First things first, Rachel. She is all kinds of messed up with a roommate who is always “preoccupied” with a different “friend” every night; poor girl, we’ve all had those panic attacks that our roommate might be an up-all-nighter. Next, her drunk dance teacher played by Kate Hudson just won’t let her catch a break. Rachel’s toes are pointed wrong or she’s from the wrong state; everything she does is not to Ms. Hudson’s liking. Finally, she is homesick! College is the time to explore and discover yourself but it’s hard while missing her two dads and Finn. Until, Mr. Cutie is caught in the Co-Ed bathroom with Rachel late at night because of their like facial regiments. Kurt decides that staying in Lima isn’t for him, so he soon joins Rachel in the great city putting Rachel’s homesickness off a little.

Now we have the glee club auditions with the surprising “Just Jake” audition, which had every girl dying. Attractive and can sing? Our kind of man! At least he was until he threw the music stand after his audition. It isn’t until later that we learn he is Puckerman’s half brother! Glee humored us with a dupstep audition and Mac Miller look a like but then they gave us Marley, the lunch lady’s brave daughter with a voice of an angel. Gleekers certainly accepted her with open arms. I see her as the new Rachel but that’s just my opinion. So it looks like Nationals may be in the bag for them again but only time will tell!

Glee this season promises to show change, with the dynamic duo in New York City and the New Directions fighting to hold their spot as national champs! Certain trailers show a guest appearance by Sarah Jessica Parker (all the Sex and City fans hold their breath) along with the already mentioned Kate Hudson. New York, Lima, LA, and New Directions, may Glee season begin! 

I have been a proud Her Campus writer since my freshman year at Pitt and I am now the Social Media Editor for the chapter. So excited to see where the chapter will go but sadly I am a senior graduating in 2015 with a Communication and Art History major and Film Studies minor.
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