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Boohoo Style Squad Watch: Naomi Kliger!

Meet Naomi Kliger, one of the Boohoo brand ambassadors on campus!

Naomi is thrilled to be working with Boohoo this semester and have the opportunity to share her style with the rest of campus. She loves having the chance to promote her style and the brand at the same time. This is one of her first experiences getting to combine what she is studying (marketing) and what she is interested in outside of school.

Catch this stylin' sophomore out and about and you'll surely be inspired to wear a smile as well!


Photo taken by the author

Hi! My name is Amanda and I am one of the new Campus Correspondents for HC Pitt and am absolutely loving it! Helping others with advice about their articles and getting to read amazing stories has been so rewarding. I love writing about topics that make people's days just a little cheerier! Her Campus has been a wonderful experience for me over the past four years. I get to work with an amazing team every day and could not be more grateful. As a senior, looking back from where I started with Her Campus, I see how much it's changed me and all of the great friends I've made from it too. Saying HC is one of the best things that has happened to me during my college career would be an understatement! I really love how much it has grown and how much others have benefitted from their experience with our organization. HCXO <3
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