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As finals week quickly approaches, you’ll spend more and more of your time studying on campus. With your free time being few and far between, the breaks that you do have need to be as entertaining as possible. Using the bathroom is a vital human task; and if you find the right places, a potty break is an even better distraction than scrolling through your Twitter feed. Here is a guide to some of the most amusing bathroom stalls on campus. After scouring the William Pitt Union, Hillman Library, Posvar, and even Towers Lobby, the true gems are in the Cathedral of Learning.

1. This little guy is in the ladies’ room in the basement. It speaks for itself.


2. An honest reminder that “God can smell your shit,” just so you know.


3. The Cathedral basement finally told us what dreams are really made of. Thanks anyways Hilary Duff.


4. The Chamber of Secrets has opened on the second floor.


5. Some friendly advice: “Don’t go into an open book exam without your book,” because she f***ed up, man.


6. These eyes know what you look like dancing drunk.


7. In the bathroom or in the real world: push through. Also, is #PittPottyArt a real hash tag on twitter?


I’ll never tell how I compiled these last few from the men’s room:

8. Apparently this guy is upset with the quality of the bathroom graffiti here.

Also, I guess fraternities advertise now.


9. “Please reserve this stall for handicap only.”


10. The “pee” de resistance. I’m not sure who took the time to “doo-doo” this, but thank you.

Wait…is that signed by ‘A’?



All photos supplied by the author.

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