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Backyard Sun and Bounce House fun in Pittsburgh

Pitt Students Chen Li, Allison Cho, Alyssa Chiossone, Alexis Gross, Mandy Velez, and Andy King spent a weekend at Pitt visiting each other since school let out in April. With a bounce house and some shade, this backyard hang out was a good time had by all. Taking advantage of the summer weather was a must!

Mandy is an English and Communication dual major at the University of Pittsburgh. She plans on graduating this April, but decided that she'd finish her last three classes online and move to the big apple for an editorial internship at Ladies' Home Journal. She is a proud Her Campus Pitt member from afar and the previous Editor-in-Chief. When she isn't exploring the city, she enjoys absorbing every TLC show, following news leads on Twitter, or blogging for her Small Girl in NYC Wordpress. She's orginally from Philadelphia and will always have a cheesesteak over a salad. Her previous internships include Entertainment intern for VERVE Management Social Magazine and the editorial/fashion intern for WHIRL Magazine. Magazines are her obsession, but writing is her passion. Follow her on twitter @mandy_velez or send love to her at mandyvelez16 [at] gmail [dot] com. 
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