Astrological Signs as Pizza Places in Pittsburgh

You can never go wrong with eating pizza.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, second breakfast, brunch, elevenses, supper—pizza is the ideal choice for every meal.  Choosing the best place to get pizza, however, can be stressful.  Like everything else in life, why not leave it up to your astrological sign?  Let the stars determine your fate—including where you eat pizza.


Aries – Larry and Carol’s Pizza

Aries is bold and daring.  They are the most likely sign to take on the challenge of finishing the King Kong overload pizza challenge at Larry and Carol’s Pizza.

Taurus – BFG Café

Taurus likes to experience all that life has to offer, and has a passion for the good things in life.  BFG Café is a little café between Bloomfield and East Liberty, often quiet, with bomb pizza.  It’s a great place to go to relax and eat some tasty bites, two favorites of Taurus.

Gemini – Antoon’s

No place could better capture the twin sign than Antoon’s Pizza.  The pizza is so magnificent, but you have to eat it outside in the cold like a savage.

Cancer – The Porch

The Porch has a ton of original pizza options that are sure to please Cancers.  The Porch is just hipster enough but also close enough to campus that you can spend the rest of your evening in bed.

Leo – Sorrento’s

There’s something about Sorrento’s Pizza that makes people either love it or hate it.  Leos are stubborn and loyal—just as those who love Sorrento’s are fiercely loyal to its greasy, overload-of-cheese pizza.  Sorrento’s lovers will argue that their pizza is superior to all else.

Virgo – Pizza Hut

Virgos like the simple things in life.  They aren’t too complicated, and they like their pizza consistent.  This draws them to chain restaurants—particularly to Pizza Hut.  No matter where they travel, they know that they can count on Pizza Hut to be there.

Libra – Giovanni’s

Libras are not afraid to be a little lavish when it comes to a special occasion, and eating pizza is a very special occasion.  Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta can be a little on the expensive side, but it never fails to satisfy.  Libras seek out the true best pizza in the ‘Burgh and find it here.

Scorpio – Romano’s

Pizza Romano’s is another highly debated pizza place in Pittsburgh.  Those who love it will never waver in their deep passion for Romano’s pizza, as Scorpios are nothing if not passionate.

Sagittarius – Fuel & Fuddle

Sagittarius love to try new things.  They find a new favorite pizza of the week and experiment with toppings.  Fuel & Fuddle is a restaurant just for them with a wide array of original pizzas.

Capricorn – Slice on Broadway

Capricorns are extremely hardworking and diligent.  This is reflected in the attitude of Slice on Broadway, a pizza place near Dormont.  It is constantly renowned as having some of the best pizza in Pittsburgh.

Aquarius - Lotsa

Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza is a new pizza place in Oakland.  Aquarius love adventure and being independent, as reflected in Lotsa’s build-your-own pizza options.

Pisces – Papa D’s

Papa D’s is never too crowded and is open later than most other places close to it.  This satisfies Pisces’ tendency to be inspired late into the night, yet also provides the chill atmosphere that Pisces crave.

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