Ashley Smith: The Busiest Bee on Campus!

It’s about halfway through the semester, and everyone is starting to feel bogged down with trying to balance school and social life.  But, students like Ashley Smith are just starting to come alive as the activities and hustle and bustle of college life start to go into full effect!  Ashley is a junior here at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Political Science and Social Work.  Even with her loaded coursework, Ashley is rising above and beyond as she maintains good grades, works as a Resident Assistant, a Pathfinder, reps for the Pink Pitt Campus Team, interns at a law firm called Notaro Gordon and Associates downtown, and she even participates in the annual Pitt Make A Difference Day; all while having completed her OCC requirements.  

HC: So, what is it like being an RA?

AS: Being an RA for me is trying to make residence life the easiest part of your day. Just knowing that when you go home and you’re going to be happy, chill, relaxed and that there are going to be no problems. I always tell my residents that the floor is our house and we all just have our own bedrooms.


HC: What got you into Pathfinders?

AS: I was a tour guide in high school. I was always so happy to talk about my school because I loved being there. When I came to Pitt for my visit, I knew that before I even started at Pitt I was going to be a Pathfinder-and I was going to apply as many times as I needed to be a Pathfinder! I genuinely have met some of my best friends through Pathfinders and I like that I have so many people that I get to be around.


HC: With all of these activities and being a Psych major with two minors, do you still find time to have fun and hang out with your best friends?

AS: Yes, I think that’s probably the only thing that keeps me doing all these activities.  I incorporate my friends into my busy schedule. I mean, I have to eat, so naturally they have to eat too, so we go eat together! I have such great friends here at Pitt and the fact that I am able to do all the things that I do- my time with my friends IS my “me” time.  I see them a lot so that’s really what keeps me going!


HC: Do you think that you would be as happy if you didn’t participate in all these activities?

AS: No- everyone says, “Oh my gosh I’m so busy!” and I try and make sure that I don’t say that a lot to people, just because I do these things because I really like to do them.  If I was just sitting in my room all day, I wouldn’t be happy. I like being involved and being with people; all of these activities allow me to do that.  If I wasn’t as involved, I wouldn’t be taking advantage of not only my own personal skills, but everything the university has to offer. I think that’s why I am part of so many organizations- because I don’t want to miss anything!


Photo Credit: Ashley Smith