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Alexa Moore: From Performances to Profile

If you have ever seen a production before, you understand that some people stand out. This is Alexa Moore, and many people may recognize her from one of her many performances she participated in here at Pitt. She is not only a friend but an amazing performer.

Name: Alexa Moore

Year: Junior

Major: Environmental Studies

Her Campus: How long have you been performing?

Alexa Moore: I’ve always been in love with the arts. I started with doing dance when I was 4 years old, and since then I’ve continued to be heavily involved in the arts. I actually didn’t start to do theatre until I was in 9th grade. I always wanted to be a choreographer, and I got an amazing opportunity to co-choreograph my first musical, Once on This Island. Halfway through the process, my director invited me to perform in the show! I realized that acting was such an incredible experience that I wanted to learn more about.

HC: What got you involved in theater at Pitt?

AM: When I got to Pitt, I told myself that theatre was no longer going to happen for me. I knew I wanted do Environmental Studies and pursue law. I still continued to take acting classes and fulfill the minor, because theatre was still extremely important. I had a wonderful professor who convinced me to audition for In the Heights my freshmen year. Luckily, I was cast and since then, I’ve continued to pursue productions here!

HC: Since you have come to Pitt what shows have you been in? Which one was your favorite?

AM: My past productions include In the Heights (ensemble), Misterioso 911 (Golden Girl #2), Dog in the Manger (Diana), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena), and Rhinoceros (Madame Boeuf). My favorite role so far has probably been Helena, just because I had so much fun running around the Charity Randall Theater. Every role that I’ve had at Pitt has allowed me to continue my growth in performing.

HC: What do you like most about performing?

AM: Performing gives me such a rush. I mean you’re standing there with all of these people looking at you, and you get to share a unique story with them. I love getting to know the audience and just feel their energy. Whenever I’m performing, all of my cares and stressors melt away. It’s wonderful.

HC: What role do you desperately want to play one day? Why?

AM: My first dream role is to play Medea! Medea was written by Euripides and is an Ancient Greek tragedy. The character Medea is so complex and layered. She loved her husband, Jason, but he leaves her for another woman (of course, after Medea killed her entire family and helped him escape with the Golden Fleece). So Medea decides to basically kill everyone, including her own children. I would love to play such an intense but crazy role. My ultimate dream role is to play Hamlet. I love classical theatre, but Shakespeare didn’t write any roles for black women. Therefore, I have to create my own. So one day I’m going to play Hamlet, and it’s going to be wonderful.


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Hi everyone, my name is Alex and I am a sophomore English major at Pitt. I love to read and I am obsessed with sports, be it soccer, football, volleyball, etc. I watch it. I am originally from Philly so Eagles fan all the way and before you ask I prefer Geno's over Pat's but Dalessandro's over Geno's. This is my first year writing for her campus and I am excited to see what happens:).
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