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Adéla Smehlik: Fabulous Flannel


I caught up with senior, Adéla Smehlik, while studying in the Cathedral. Rocking a comfy oversized flannel, black leggings, and classic Dr. Martens, Adéla shows us that studying can be fashionable and doesn’t have to mean frumpy. The red headband tops off the look, making the outfit seem effortless, but girly and cute! 

I'm a current Junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Spanish language! I was born and raised in Philadelphia and I am a huge city kid! I'm very open about most things in my life; Sex, drinking, partying, friendships, etc. (you name it). I'm a firm believer of loving and knowing yourself before allowing others to make those decisions for you. If you don't love yourself or know who you are, then others never will!
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