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9 Items Every College Student Should Carry In Their Bag

The safe return to in-person life is great. However, one downside is that we no longer have the advantage of being home with access to all of our belongings whenever we need them. When you get back out there, here are nine items to have with you that will make you feel a little more at home.

hand sanitizer

If you’re feeling like a germaphobe after the pandemic, you’re not alone! Staying clean feels more important than ever, and hand sanitizer is a great way to kill germs on the go.


If you’ve got a long walk to and from class, getting caught in the rain can totally ruin your day. With a travel umbrella in your bag, you’re ready for anything, rain or shine!


When you’re on the go between classes, clubs and friends, sometimes you don’t have time to stop home and refuel. Packable snacks like granola bars and fruit are always great to have on hand for those busy days!


Whether you need to quickly switch from in-person meetings to virtual class, or you just want to boost your mood with some music, headphones are a great item to have with you.


You never know when you’ll get a paper cut, or when your new shoes will give you a blister. With a band-aid or two in your bag, you’re prepared for any bumps and scrapes life may throw your way!


As it starts to get colder, it’s never a bad idea to have some tissues with you. Cold and flu season is upon us, and no one wants to be stranded with the sniffles!

Stain stick

Hey, accidents happen! When you’re on the go and you can’t change right away, a stain stick will help you clean up any spills quickly and discreetly.

lip balm

Cold weather almost always means chapped lips. Lip balm is the best way to avoid cracked, painful lips, and it’s small enough to toss in any bag!

backup mask

Although mask mandates are starting to relax as more people get vaccinated, many places still require a facial covering — including all Pitt buildings. With a backup mask stashed in your bag, you never have to worry about being turned away when you show up for class.

Elizabeth is a junior at Pitt majoring in English Writing and French. When she's not writing for hc, Elizabeth likes cooking, spending time with friends, and exploring Pittsburgh's cultural side.
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