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8 Things to Add to Your Christmas Wish-list (Because it’s Never Too Early, Right?)

We’re entering into November, meaning the most wonderful time of the year is almost here! While many of us are being bombarded with more exams and papers, why not take a study break and make a list of gifts you’d like for Christmas? We know Christmas is a little over a month away, but there’s nothing wrong with starting your wish-list a little early. To help get you started, here’s a list of some gifts you may want to receive from your family and friends next month. 

Fitbit watch

One thing you can add to your list is a Fitbit watch. The Fitbit watches are super helpful in keeping you on track with counting your daily steps, and these watches encourage you to be active throughout the day. They can even track how many hours of sleep you get each night! So, why not get a head start on your New Year’s resolution by being more active with a new Fitbit?

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are becoming super popular with their easy use. With wireless headphones, you won’t have to deal with tangled headphone cords anymore, and there’s no need to take your device with you as you walk around the house or in the gym. You especially won’t have to deal with accidentally yanking your headphone cable out of your phone.

A new pair of shoes

With winter quickly approaching, why not add a new pair of boots to your list? Or, ask for new pair of sneakers that you can wear to the gym and your new classes in the spring semester. 

Fuzzy socks

What’s more fun to wear during the cold season than fuzzy socks? You can wear them with your new pair of boots or even at home while you drink hot chocolate and re-watch Christmas rom-coms.

Fine-line pens

Whether you want to spruce up your planner or start that bullet journal you’ve been planning to make since last Christmas, why not add a set of colorful fine-line pens to your list?

Cards Against Humanity

If you don’t have this already, definitely get yourself a set of Cards Against Humanity. This card game will be super fun for when you want to invite friends over for game nights. 

Redbubble stickers

Want to revamp your laptop cover with a bunch of cute new stickers? You should definitely add Redbubble stickers to your list. There are so many stickers you can choose from, including stickers that show different TV shows, cute animals or even inspirational quotes to give your laptop a little more personality. 

Amazon gift card

If you aren’t able to get other gifts you’d like, you can’t go wrong with adding an Amazon gift card to your list. You can buy almost anything on Amazon now, so it’ll definitely be worth including this to your wish-list so that you can buy yourself anything you want.

Briana is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Spanish. Her goal is to also receive a Public and Professional Writing certificate. When she isn’t writing for HC or studying, she is either reading a good book, going for a run, or jamming to music!
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