The 8 Men of Tinder

Tinder is an interesting place full of funny boys, cute boys, boys, boys and more boys! Here are the eight types of men you’ll encounter while on the site notorious for hookups and rare relationships.


The Transformer

These are the men that have cars as their top photo. Are you a transformer? Why do I care about your car? Who even are you?


The Pseudo Father

“This isn’t my child in the photo. It’s my niece, nephew, etc.”


The Head-less Body

“I’m sorry. Do you have a face?”


The Desperate for Nudes Man

“How about a hello first?!”


The Kinky Couples

Did I just enter some weird dimension? Why is there a couple on here asking for me to join them in a threesome?!


The Promo Boys

They only message you to promote their product. Wrong app, buddy!


The Group

The guy who only posts group photos. Which one are you? The cute friend or the not so cute friend? The short one or tall one? How am I supposed to figure it out?


The Unicorns

It seems like they don’t exist but the good guys are on there!


Where are they though? I have no idea.



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