7 Travel Destinations part of HC Pitt's Post-COVID Plans

As summer break approaches, the desire to travel increases. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still rampant and precautions should continue to be taken. However, it doesn’t hurt to daydream and plan trips to look forward to once this pandemic is in the past. With that being said, here is where HC Pitt wants to explore once it’s safe.

  1. 2. “London!” - Nicole

    Buckingham Palace, London, UK; royalty, England, soldier
  2. 3. “Florida, Hawaii, France and London!” - Faryaal

    Florida palms
  3. 4. “Literally anywhere, but probably North Carolina and New York to see family!” - Sabrina

    people walking on crosswalk in NYC at nighttime
  4. 5. “Pretty cliché, but Tulum, Mexico.” - Gabee

  5. 6. “It is my dream to visit Italy! My study abroad trip to Florence was canceled last spring due to the pandemic. I am determined to get there one day! For what I would want to do: check out the architecture in Florence and Rome, hit the Amalfi Coast, go on a gondola ride in Venice, throw a penny in the Trevi, explore historical sites and of course eat everything in sight.” - Erin

    Orange Powerboat Between Medium Rise Buildings
  6. 7. "Ugh I would love to go to Australia! The surfing, the hiking, it all sounds amazing!" - Katy

    Australian map