7 Things to Take Advantage of While You’re Still a Pitt Student

While cliché, college really does fly by in the blink of the eye. Four years go by quicker than one can imagine and it can be hard to fit all of the great experiences that this city and school provides for Pitt students. Here are some that you should definitely take advantage of while you’re still a Pitt student (with an active Panther Card).

1. Free Museums Visits

Pittsburgh is a city full of amazing museums. Pitt students get free admission into the following museums with their Panther Cards: The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, The Mattress Factory, The Andy Warhol Museum and Heinz History Center.  Find a weekend or two and pay a visit to these museums without the burden of an admission cost while you still can!

2. The Port Authority Buses and the “T”

A tap of your Panther Card gives you free access to the city. Hop on Port Authority buses and any of Pittsburgh’s wonderful neighborhoods become yours to explore!

3. The Neighborhoods

Piggybacking off #2, don’t miss out on the amazing neighborhoods that Pittsburgh has to offer. Whether it be eating scrumptious Italian food in Bloomfield or hanging out at Point State Park in Downtown Pittsburgh, you’ll never be bored in this city. Check out more information about the neighborhoods here.

4. Pitt’s Exercise Facilities

From rock wall climbing to swimming pools, Pitt makes it easy for students to stay fit. There are multiple exercise facilities on campus, all of which are free to undergraduates. Climb the rock wall at Trees Hall, go swimming at Bellefield gym, cycle at the Union or practice your dead lift at the Pete! The options are endless, and free to you as a Pitt student.

5. Food Options on Forbes

It is SO easy to find good food on campus. Simply stroll down Forbes and you have your choice of fast-cash eateries! When you’re living in a house or apartment and not in an urban environment, you’ll miss the easy access.

6. Pitt Sports

You’ll NEVER get such cheap tickets again! The majority of sport games at Pitt (with the exception of Men’s football and basketball) are free to Pitt students. The thrill of D1 sports games are a must during your time as a student. 

7. Technology & Software

Pitt has a plethora of software downloaded on campus computers. Learn how to use the Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office during your time as a student. You can even download Microsoft Office through my.pitt.edu. Additionally, Pitt students get access to thousands of tutorials on Lydna.com. Learn skills useful for your future career for free!

There you have it, seven things you most definitely don’t want to miss out on while being a student at Pitt.


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