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7 Things to Do During the Recurrent Polar Vortex

A second Polar Vortex is on its way, meaning it will be way too cold to be doing anything that requires taking off sweats or leaving home. Unfortunately for us we do have to make the trek to class (thanks Pitt). Besides class, I plan to stay at home and try to entertain myself. No one really wants to be cooped up at home, but I think the general consensus is to not leave unless absolutely necessary. During this second Polar Vortex, I came prepared with a list of things to do in order to entertain myself in the comfort of my warm apartment. 

1. Sleep

Bears had the right idea to hibernate through the winter. I don’t know a college student who thinks he or she gets enough hours of sleep. The weather might put a slight freeze on the texts to go hang out with friends, so you won’t be missing anything. Use this blessing in disguise to catch up on sleep and emerge from the Polar Vortex more rested. Your body will thank you; especially when it’s time to take on midterms, which are inevitably inching closer. So snuggle under those covers and have sweet dreams!

2. Wine night/Game night

Hang out with your roommates or floor mates and have some bonding time. You can break open a bottle of wine and chat, or play some Apples to Apples and get to know your floor mates!  Just because it’s way too cold to leave your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t be social and have some fun!

3. Binge-Watch That Show

Now that you have woken from your slumber, it’s time to finally watch that show everyone is talking about or catch up on a series you love to watch. I plan to lie on my sofa and watch about five episodes of “Scandal.” It’s amazing where the time goes when you become obsessed with a show. I blame the fact that Netflix automatically starts playing the next episode. Maximum laziness and maximum entertainment.

4. Shop Online

What is better than being in the comfort of your own home and being able to shop around for that perfect dress for Valentine’s Day, or a new bikini for spring break? I have a love/hate relationship with online shopping. I love that I can compare things from different places to see what I really like. It’s nice to have the time to look for some deals, especially on a college budget. The downside is when I am not sure about my size or what the return policy is. I suggest online shopping at places with free returns and where you are familiar with the sizing. Don’t forget to look for online coupon codes!

5. Call Grandma

This is a great time to call friends or family and catch up. Family members always love hearing about how you are doing, so a video chat session would be great. No one gives better advice or is a better listener than mom or grandma. Use this time to get in touch before your life gets hectic again!

6. De-Clutter Your Life

This past week I’ve been in a mode to reorganize everything. I’ve been cleaning out my room and getting rid of old notes and clothes. Chances are if you haven’t used something since the beginning of the semester, it can get tossed. Throw out old papers you don’t need anymore and other things cluttering your life. Currently, I’ve been cleaning out my closet like there’s no tomorrow. Though it is hard to part with some things, it’s nice to get rid of those clothes that are falling apart or just don’t fit right anymore. My roommates and I plan to take our old clothes to Goodwill- so not only are we cleaning but also recycling. Don’t forget getting rid of those old things just means you have room for more!

7. Do the Responsible Thing

This isn’t the most fun thing to do, but you could use this time to catch up on some studying. Summer is approaching (though this weather gives no indication) so this is a great time to look for internships or possible job opportunities. Touch up your resume or cover letter and see what’s out there. The early bird gets the worm! 


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I am a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Psychology and Nursing and I love being part of the Her Campus team! Hail to Pitt!
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