7 Reasons Why "That Awkward Moment" is the Greatest Movie Ever

SPOILER ALERT:  This article does spoil the ending a little, so if you haven’t seen the movie and plan on seeing it (which you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD), be warned!

My friends and I decided that instead of sitting around and sulking by our single selves on Valentine’s Day, we would hit up the movie theater to see the latest and greatest romantic comedy, That Awkward Moment. Now, obviously going into the movie I was super excited because--hello--ZAC EFRON. We’ve all been drooling over that stud since his High School Musical days! But, after a very short amount of time, I began to realize that this movie is more than just Zac Efron. After leaving the theater fully willing to pay another whopping $11 for a second viewing, I decided to compile a list of reasons why this movie could very well be the best rom-com ever.  

1. Zac Efron.  The man is like a fine wine…he just gets better with age. What more could a girl want than 94 minutes of Efron bliss? I could go on and on about how attractive, charming, and hilarious his character Jason is, but really…just look at that face. Need I say more?

2. The relationships are real.  While it isn’t every day that you just happen to get hit on by Zac Efron at the bar, the relationships between characters are so normal that you can almost picture them happening to you. It’s not like your typical movie relationship where the hot guy totally sweeps you off your feet. It has real-life ups and downs that any relationship would go through. Also, the friendships are real. The three main guy characters, Jason (Efron), Daniel (Teller), and Mikey (Jordan) have such a strong bond and their friendships are so genuine that it is easy to imagine that it is how real guy friends act around each other.   

3. Miles Teller.  Miles plays a character named Daniel in the movie, and it was nearly impossible not to fall in love with him. Every girl wants a boy who can make her laugh, and Teller’s character could melt your heart with his goofy personality!

4. Zac Efron rocked out with his cock out.  Okay…not really… but there is a scene where Jason shows up to Ellie’s party (thinking it was  a dress up costume party when it was an actual dress up party) sporting a hilarious outfit consisting of a rock out tee and a...well…you can imagine what he had strapped to the outside of his pants.  Instead of bolting out of the room, he decides to make the most of his “awkward” situation and ends up becoming the life of the party!  Thanks, Zac. Now I know what would definitely win over the crowd at the next Halloween party I go to! (Just kidding.)

5. Michael B Jordan.  Jordan plays a hard working doctor who just found out his wife cheated on him and wants a divorce. Not only is Jordan highly attractive in the film, his character really tries to salvage his marriage because he truly loved his wife. The male population can thank him later for reminding girls that there are some guys who are willing to work and fight for what or who they love! 

6. Happy Endings! It wouldn’t be a romantic comedy if right before the end, some terrible thing happens where all the people who are supposed to fall madly in love have some sort of falling out and the viewers are forced to sit through at least a small portion of the movie pissed because the happy couple is in some sort of a rut.  However, luckily for all us hopeless romantics, the three main male characters (Jason, Daniel, and Mikey) all seem to get their heads back on straight and end up with the perfect girl for each of them! 

7. Zac Efron’s Butt. Enough said. 



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