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7 Easy Hairstyles for a Week of Simplicity

Between juggling exams, jobs, school work, friends, family, and relationships, we’re lucky if we remember to eat – let alone do our hair! I have always been one to dress up for class and exams because I believe in the saying “If you look good, you’ll feel good.” In my mind, this correlates to “If you look good, you’ll perform good” (grammatically, this should be “perform well,” but that doesn’t go with the saying). Even though I have this well dressed mantra in mind, there are still times that I roll into class or an exam in my sweats and a messy bun. It’s inevitable. I’ve noticed though that if I plan out my hairstyles the night before, I’m more inclined to actually go through with doing my hair. So, here’s a week long guide to styling your hair so that you have one less thing to worry about!


Monday: Messy Crossover Pony

This style is amazing because it looks like it took time to create, but lucky for you it’s really simple! All you need is some bobby pins and an elastic band.

Tutorial by True Lane:

1. Start by separating your hair into two front sections and one back section.

2. Tie the back section into a pony with an elastic.

3. Bring one of the front sections around the back and place it over the pony.

4. Take the second front piece and cross it over the top of the first section.

5. Pull the end of both sections down under the pony and secure with bobby pins.


Tuesday: Half-Up Pony

The high pony is back and I am SO HAPPY about it. For this style, all you have to do is grab the top section of your hair and secure it with an elastic. BOOM. A personal tip from me is that I find my pony sits higher if I first pull my hair back so that it’s not parted in the middle anymore. Also, this style works better on messier hair!


Wednesday: Half-Up Twist

Here’s another style that looks complicated but is actually really easy! If you’re like me and can’t braid at all, this style is for you since it’s a simpler take on a braided style.

Tutorial from Bloglovin’

1. Grab a section of hair around your temple area that is about 3 inches thick.

2. Split this section into half and twist both sections.

3. Twist the two sections around each other and secure with a pin to hold while you repeat this on the other side.

4. Once you have two twisted sections (one on each side) bring these around to the back middle of your hair and secure with an elastic.


Thursday: Half-up Crown Braid

Don’t worry about wearing the same hairstyle two days in a row. Your Monday Wednesday classmates don’t know about your Tuesday Thursday styles! ;) You can step up the previous style by making the twists a braid. If you’re like me, any tutorial that mentions braiding makes me nervous. However, this is one of the simplest braiding styles you can do!

Tutorial from Society 19

1. Part your hair down the middle, and grab a large section of your hair on one side.

2. Braid this section at a slant (not straight back or straight down) and secure with an elastic.

3. Repeat on the other side.

4. Cross one section behind your head to the other side of your head and secure it with a bobby pin around the bottom of your ear.

5. Repeat it on the other side.


Friday: Simple Braided Headband

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “didn’t this girl just say she doesn’t like braids???” The answer is yes. I swear, no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, I cannot do anything more than a simple three strand braid. However, this braid looks complicated, but it’s actually SO SIMPLE. Even I can do this.

Tutorial by Ducklings In a Row

1. Pull your hair back as if you were going to put it into a tight pony.

2. Grab a small section of hair that is behind your ear.

3. Braid this section in an upward direction.

4. Grab a small section of hair alone the line of where you want the “headband” to sit.

5. Join this section to one of your braided sections and continue braiding.

6.Once you reach the opposite side, grab another section of hair where the “headband” sits and continue braiding.

7. Once you reach the end, grab one more section of hair, add it to the braid, and secure it with an elastic. You can then secure this with bobby pins.

8. You can repeat on the opposite side if you want a more textured braid.

I promise this isn’t as complicated as it seems! You may need to practice a few times to get used to it!


Saturday: Simple Pony

Get ready for a night out with this simple pony. Your hair will be out of your face so you can feel free to dance the night away ;) You can make it ~fancy~ by wrapping pieces of hair around the pony or by adding a braid. This style works best if hair is not freshly washed or if you tease the top to prevent the hair from laying too flat to your head!

To accomplish this style, you just have to pull your hair back into a pony and tie it with an elastic. If you want to wrap hair around the pony, just keep two strands out while you put it in the pony. Then, wrap these two pieces back and around the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin!


Sunday: Half-Up Bun

Honestly, I rock this style 4 out of 7 days of the week. This style is so simple yet so cute! To achieve this style all you have to do is pull the top section of hair back in a pony, fold the hair in half, and secure with an elastic. If you have thicker/ longer hair you might want to wrap the elastic around twice to keep the hold. This is the perfect style to wear to the library and get your study on for hours. It will keep put and stay out of your face!


And there you have it! Seven easy styles for an entire week of great hair! Now you can have more time to look at cute animal instagrams…I mean….study.

Sources: True Lane, Bloglovin’, Society 19, Ducklings In a Row

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