6 Ways to Celebrate the End of Your Semester at Pitt

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As your second semester of the school year has come to a close, it’s time to relieve the stress of finals and celebrate yourself! At HC Pitt, we like to reward ourselves for all the hard work we’ve done in our classes and extracurricular activities, and you should too! There’s no shame in ringing in the summer with a celebration of your amazing year filled with accomplishments. So sit down, grab your fruit flavored water, and begin your summer with the hottest reads, products, and discounts that you deserve.

1. Ring in the summer with a burrito — and the quick line at Chipotle. What is this? The line inside Chipotle doesn’t reach the door on Forbes?! A summer in Pittsburgh is a summer full of burrito bowls and peace. For just a few months, Chipotle is empty of all the students who went home. Grab your BOGO Entrée Card and have your first wait-free, stress-free burrito of the summer. It will taste even better than it did during finals week, I promise!


2. Hit the hottest concerts dressed in style. Boohoo has become our favorite clothing site of the year. With the exclusive Pitt discount provided by our Boohoo Campus Representatives at Pitt, we can’t wait to explore their #WeAreUSA campaign. Boohoo’s campaign captures the essence of summer clothing in four different styles — WeAreNow, WeAreBold, WeAreFit, and WeAreFree. Each style displays the fashion of college students. Find out which personality best fits you! We also can’t help but love their “April Showers” Ponchos in both pink and yellow. Boohoo has you covered for all of your concerts and festivals. You can look fashionable and stay dry!

3. Get in shape for your best summer yet. Celebrate your hard work by getting your best beach body yet! Who needs the Pete gym when you have online classes you can do while you’re at home? With a free 30-Day Membership to Crunch Live, you can exercise from wherever you like — the perfect judgment free environment. The online gym hosts a wide variety of classes including kick butt cardio, strength training, yoga, pilates, and more!


4. Learn how to afford your South O apartment… and your Sorrento’s pizza. No one ever wants to skimp on the side of ranch at Sorrento’s because of money. Even better, you don’t want to cut back on your excessive Dave and Andy’s trips now that the weather is ice cream friendly. This summer is all about bettering yourself in every way possible, including money. Nicole Lapin is here to help you learn how to handle your finances with her new book, RICH BITCH: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial  Life Together… Finally. It’s hard to budget your money between shopping, going out, buying concert tickets, and paying rent. Lapin, a money expert and financial journalist, created a 12-Step Plan based off of her own struggles with money. Lapin believes that you deserve to be go after the luxurious life you deserve as a rich bitch.

We are ready to be like this!

5. Experience the perks of an amazing job, all while gaining important skills! Use this summer to gain hands-on experience in marketing, sales, merchandising, and social media with the c+i GEM program created by fashion jewelry brand Chloe + Isabel. The program empowers college students to get involved and experience being an entrepreneur through social retail. With specialized training and coaching, you can make your own jewelery sales (and 25-40% commission!) through the program. Not to mention the unlimited discounted jewelry, a no-cost customizable Online Boutique, and a chance to win an all-expense trip to NYC, shopping sprees at top retailers, and more. Consider going beyond a fast food job and jumpstart your future with the c+i program…you may end up landing a job at Bloomingdales, Kleinfeld, Kate Spade, Julep, or Madewell like past GEM program alumni!


6. Make your outfit pop in your picture with Cathy with blinged out accessories. This summer, we are all about finding creative and unique accessories to play up on the fun styles of summer fashion. Rather than wear heavy jewelry on a hot night, accesorize with some temporary tattoos. We love Blink Tattoos, which bring the next level of temporary tattoos that will add some flare to your outfit all summer long. With three different collections —the DMX, LAX, and MIA, switch up the tattoos you use based off of your outfit. The celebrity-inspired tattoos of the LAX collection will transform you into a stylista, while the MIA collection will have your tattoos glowing under the black lights at the party. If the inspirational DXB collection isn’t enough, the 15% discount with the code HERCAMPUSVIP will inspire you to wear tattoos all summer long!

It’s time to kick off your best summer yet. Make this one about you, because you deserve it. We all need some rewards for all our hard work. With these items, you’re ready to start your summer of celebration in Pittsburgh! So grab your Chipotle, book, and poncho (you never know) as you sprawl out on the Schenley Plaza lawn. Cathy will be extremely jealous.

Happy summer, and a big thanks to our sponsors and Her Campus Nationals for helping us celebrate ourselves at HC Pitt! HCXO


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