6 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Should Support

By now we have all heard about how bad “fast fashion” is for the environment and for workers’ rights. But, knowing what brands are less than perfect doesn’t make deciding which companies you actually want to support any easier. Sustainable fashion brands are definitely more expensive and you might have to save up before your first purchase, but you can trust that your money is going to a reputable place. If you want to take the plunge and start making more sustainable choices, this list is the place to start. 

P.S. – the best thing you can do for the environment is to cut down on how much you consume, so maybe try shopping your own wardrobe and rediscovering some old pieces before going out and buying new ones!

  1. 1. Allbirds

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk on clouds? Find out by buying yourselves a pair of these incredibly comfortable sneakers! Allbirds make their shoelaces from recycled plastic bottles, their packaging from recycled cardboard and use other sustainable materials that allow them to use 60% less energy than it would take to manufacture shoes without the eco-friendly materials. They also finished 2019 carbon neutral; this means that for all the carbon they used during their manufacturing process, they donated to various environmental projects that helped to offset their carbon usage!

  2. 2.  Girlfriend Collective

    Girlfriend Collective sells the cutest activewear! Their packaging is recyclable, their leggings and sports bras are made from recycled fabrics and recycled water bottles and their clothing is manufactured in reputable factories. They are extremely transparent about the way their business runs and they help consumers become more knowledgeable about the products and their impact on the environment! Just think — next time you hit the gym you could be bettering both your body AND the environment!

  3. 3.  Rothy’s

    Like vans, but better! These adorable shoes are made from recycled water bottles and the soles of their flats and sneakers are made with carbon-free rubber – we have no choice but to stan! Rothy’s come in lots of different colors and they look too comfy not to try!

  4. 4.  Everlane

    Everlane makes classic, high-quality clothing for both men and women. They are extremely transparent about the factories in which the clothes are manufactured (they have a map of all of their factories) and they give full price breakdowns that let you know how they came up with the price for each item. They also recognize that being sustainable often comes with an increased price tag. This is why they offer a “choose what you pay” section online. If their clothing is a bit too far above your price range, head over to their sale section. They offer multiple different prices for an item and allow you to pick which one you are comfortable with paying. The lowest price covers only the cost of making the item and the higher prices help them to make a profit. It is super refreshing to see a brand display so much transparency!

  5. 5.  Patagonia

    Most people know and love Patagonia, but aren’t even aware of just how devoted they are to sustainability. They donate countless amounts of money to environmental organizations and activists’ groups and also manufacture their clothing using recycled and reclaimed materials in ethical factories. When you purchase from Patagonia, you can be sure that your money is going towards a good cause.

  6. 6.  Outdoor Voices

    Outdoor Voices is another activewear brand with a great sustainability mission! They use recycled materials, recycled packaging and are focused on transparency and keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible. They even have a 2020 goal to create a product take-back and repair program!