6 Hobbies We've Picked Up in Quarantine

We're about a month into quarantine and HC Pitt has officially run out of things to do to keep ourselves entertained. I never thought I'd get to the point where going on my phone seems boring, but it's happened. If you're as bored as we are, you might have been trying out some unusual hobbies that you probably wouldn't find yourself doing if you weren't stuck inside. So, without further ado, here are 6 new hobbies we've been trying out this week. 

  1. 1. Photoshop

    "I've been working on creative photoshop projects, like trying to turn photos of me and my friends into cartoons! Each picture takes hours, so it's definitely a good distraction." -Madelyn

  2. 2. Cooking

    a woman stands over the stove cutting an herb out of a pot on the window sill with a pair of scissors. there are pans of pasta stirfry on the burner.

    "I've been cooking a lot more and trying new recipes!" -Erin

  3. 3. Painting and puzzles

    "I've been painting and doing puzzles." -Holly

    "I started a paint by numbers that has been taking up so much of my time! I'm not an artistic person in the slightest, so it feels good to be able to create something like that!" -Katie

  4. 4. Coloring

    "I've been journaling a lot and also coloring!" -Hanna

    "I've been coloring so much. My younger brother is in fifth grade, and you know how we had 'specials' where we would do music or art class? They still have it in his online school, and I've been taking art with him. The other day we drew Starry Night and colored with markers. It was awesome." -Monica

  5. 5. Creating music

    "I started creating music on Fruity Loops Studio." -Corrine

  6. 6. Going on drives

    friends road trip california fall break windows down music

    "I love going on drives around my town at night when I get tired of being cooped up in my house." -Madelyn

    "I've been letting my sister practice driving with me and we blast throwback jams!" -Erin