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5 Ways to Keep Yourself Going During Finals


When it comes down to finals time, many of us college students tend to go to extremes.  Some of us pull all-nighters, eat anything that we can get our hands on, and just stay in one spot without moving for long periods.  It’s a good thing to continue working on the same schedule that you’ve had all semester long.  Making such drastic changes has great affects on our minds as well as our bodies.  All-nighters and eating foods in high quantities that we’re not accustomed to doing for the past four to six months can make us sluggish and fatigued.  So, to counter these problems that can and will jeopardize our performance on finals, I’ve put together five ways to keep yourself going.  Please note that these are simply a reminder of what you should be doing as opposed to any new discovery.

  • Most importantly, remember to keep hydrated during these stressful weeks! 
  • Have adequate food breaks, and maybe even treat yourself to your favorite food/snack.
  • Take a break and watch an episode of your favorite TV show to give your mind a rest from your studies for a little while.
  • You may want to exercise for about 30 minutes each day.  Doing this will keep the required blood and oxygen flowing to your brain.  This is important for proper brain function and it’ll serve as a productive pick-me-up!
  • Lastly, be sure to get ample amounts of sleep.  If you choose to do all-nighters, then taking a 30-minute “power nap” will help in rejuvenating your brain and aid in calming your nerves a bit. 

Be sure to treat yourself well during finals week, and your mind and body will thank you for it.  Your grades may thank you for it even more once you get your exams back!  Stay positive, keep motivated, and remember to be reasonable with your eating and sleeping habits this end of the term.  As my friend Emily Federonko says, “After your finals are over, a good shopping trip will do the trick for getting you ready for this summer!”


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