5 Ways to Dress Up a Pair of Sneakers

Playing dress up to go out on a Friday or Saturday night can be a lot of fun!  Sometimes we stay casual and go with jeans and a cute tank and other nights all we want to do is throw on a little black dress.  Unfortunately, every generation young and old can agree that (sometimes) beauty is pain.  However, it doesn’t always have to be that way! One of the worst things about dressing up is the pain that we put our delicate feet in when we pretend that we know how to walk in pointy and uncomfortable heels.  Sometimes, it will even ruin the whole night!  Mixing clothes that are casual and chic can be really fun and your feet will be thanking you at the end of the night - so here are 5 ways to dress up a pair of sneakers.

1. A t-shirt dress paired with Converse

This is a great look to try out when you want the glorious freedom of no pants but don’t exactly want a ball gown either.  This style of dress has a lot of versatility in the way that it stays casual but could be heightened by something as simple as a statement piece like a necklace.  Pairing the dress with converse makes the look cute without losing the dressed up feel.

2. A denim skirt matched with Adidas

Adidas completely took off in the market last spring and it seems that almost everyone has a pair sitting in their closet right now.  Unfortunately, wearing them with a pair of high-waisted shorts every other day loses its luster.  A great way to change things up while still strutting in your sneakers is matching them with a denim skirt.  One of the greatest things about denim is its versatility to fit into a lot of different styles.  It’s the perfect thing to wear when you’re feeling a little dressy during the day but don’t want to go all out.  Adding a pair of bright white Adidas to the look keeps it approachable, but still fun!

3. Formal attire and Keds

Sometimes all a girl wants to do is throw on a little black dress to feel sexy and badass.  But stilettos are rarely our best friends.  Keds can be a nice medium between spikey dagger shoes that make the look way too formal and those other beat up sneakers that are tossed in the back of your closet.  It keeps you looking sexy and confident but doesn’t make the outfit look too casual. 

4. Nike sneakers and your favorite jeans

It’s always a good idea to have a pair of nice jeans.  That pair that you spent a little more on because the fit is just perfect and the wash never fades.  It’s perfect for when you have no clue how to dress for a party or event that you’re going to.  Nikes are those shoes that seem to come in every style and color imaginable.  Pairing them with your favorite skinny jeans and a cute blouse creates a look that’s clean cut, but adds a bit of an edge. 

5. Jumpsuit and New Balance sneakers

Jumpsuits and New Balance sneakers are a fabulous blast from the past.  Though they are completely different styles, they bring us back to their popular days in the 1970s. This allows them to go well together.  Jumpsuits are fun and playful, but it gets boring to always wear with a pair of strappy summer sandals.  A pair of New Balance sneakers could simply change things up and maybe get you out of your wardrobe routine and style comfort zone.

Whether it’s going out to a bar/party or dressy lunch, sneakers can transform any outfit.  Besides the obvious fact that sneakers are adorable with anything they can keep you feeling confident and, most importantly, comfortable throughout the evening.  Knowing that you can strut your stuff without twisting an ankle is a great feeling to have, and you’ll be able to keep having fun without any worries!