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5 Ways to Buy Second-Hand Clothing During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic hit, it’s been increasingly difficult to do one of my favorite things: shop for second-hand clothes. There are a lot of benefits to shopping second-hand, including decreasing your carbon footprint and finding unique items that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Luckily, I’ve found a few options online and in-person that have satiated my need to thrift.


Websites like Poshmark are the first to come to mind when I think of online thrifting. You can search just about any brand, size or item, and most likely something will come up. I’ve bought many items from Poshmark or some related sites like ThreadUp and Depop. Buyer beware — they don’t do returns, so make sure you really love the item before you buy it.


I’ve never gotten clothes myself off of eBay, but I’ve had friends find some pretty unique items. Rare and vintage finds really seem to pop off on here, although some things can get pretty pricey as a result. Still, it’s definitely a good option if you want to find something different. As always, make sure to check the seller’s reputation before you buy anything so you don’t end up with a bad product — or worse yet, no product.


Etsy has been my personal favorite during the quarantine. Unlike eBay, the rarer finds on here tend to be a bit more reasonably priced. Some shops will even do all the hard work for you by selecting second-hand clothing items in your desired size and sending them to you. The one drawback is as a bigger girl, I tend to have some difficulty finding second-hand clothes in my size that look good, but I’ve had the most luck on Etsy.


I haven’t tried Goodfair myself, but I’ve heard great things about their service. Similar to some shops on Etsy, you select the type of clothing you want and then give them your size. Then, they find the clothes for you and send them off. You don’t get to choose what the clothes look like, but if you’re into the mystery-bag type of shopping, then this is for you. Make sure to double-check if the items are returnable or not, as sometimes they aren’t.

Your local thrift stores

Lastly, thrift stores are still an option for some during this pandemic. As restrictions ease up in certain areas, shopping in person is becoming a more viable option. That being said, make sure that if you do decide to go out, you’re taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance whenever possible. Stay safe and have fun!

Sarah is a sophomore at Pitt majoring in English and political science with a minor in film. She is originally from Center Valley, Pennsylvania. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her pets, reading, and going hiking. Sarah is interested in pursuing a cottage core dream in the future.
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