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Buying secondhand, or “thrifted”, clothes is one of the most underrated ways to fashionably save money. While the word “secondhand” may bring images of moth-eaten, stained garments to mind, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting your clothes from a thrift shop or online resale service (ie Poshmark or Depop) is cost effective, less wasteful and guarantees unique styles.

Here are my top 5 reasons why thrifting should be the center of your next shopping spree:

It is inexpensive.

Preowned clothes are always sold for less than their original price. If you use Poshmark, many sellers list the original price next to the current one so you can compare. You can find good clothes for a fraction of the original price. Example: my freshman semi-formal dress, purchased for $7 at a consignment shop.

It is environmentally friendly.

When you buy clothes that have been donated, it means that they aren’t being thrown in a landfill. You also don’t have to buy something new, made with gallons of water or sweatshop labor.

You can purchase brands you wouldn’t normally buy.

Maybe you would never buy a rag & bone dress because it would cost 3 months’ rent. Maybe you won’t buy anything from Ivanka Trump’s line because she opposes your political leanings. By not purchasing these brands from the source, you don’t have to contribute to the brand for monetary or intellectual reasons.

You can get something no one else has.

Rather than show up for work in the same blouse & skirt combo that all your coworkers are wearing, you can strut in wearing an ensemble that couldn’t be found at a department store. Your style will be admired and impossible to emulate.

Selling and/or donating can help in paying it forward. Or even helps yourself!

Some thrift shops offer tax reductions for donations. Others support important causes, such as providing clothing to victims of domestic violence. Selling online puts money right back in your pocket. Either way, the process does right by somebody.

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