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5 of the Best Burger Joints in the Burgh

It’s springtime in Pittsburgh, which means warmer weather, colder beers, and delicious burgers. You may be like me and not have a porch to grill those burgers on, so you have to find the second best thing: burger restaurants. I have compiled a list of my top five favorite burger joints in Pittsburgh!

1. BRGR (3.5/5 on Yelp)

This restaurant is located on Centre Ave in the Eastside of Pittsburgh. The inside is a bit small, but slightly more upscale than other popular burger joints. The burgers are moderately priced, and worth every penny. I would recommend the “Button Buster.” This burger has it all: braised beef short ribs, white cheddar cheese, béarnaise aioli, and crispy onions. The only way to make that burger better is to get the Cajun Tater Tots that come with a ranch dipping sauce.


2. Burgatory (4/5 on Yelp)

If you have not heard about Burgatory yet, you are either new to the Burgh or you have been living under a rock. There are multiple locations around the Pittsburgh area, including the Waterfront, CONSOL Energy Center, and the North Shore.  If you decide to not create your own burger, I would recommend the Morty’s Steakhouse burger. This burger has peppercorn crusted beef, with horseradish cheddar, haystack onions, and cabernet sauce. Burgatory also offers a wide array of hard or classic milkshakes.


3. Tessaro’s (4.3/5 on Yelp)

This is a recently renovated bar in the Bloomfield neighborhood, but it still has an old school feel. For years, this authentic bar has been serving some of the best burgers in the Burgh. Tessaro’s has perfected the art of making classic burgers, so a simple Cheeseburger with home fries is my recommendation. Beer has always been the perfect complement to a burger, and this bar has a wide array of beers on tap every day.


4. Stack’d (4.2/5 on Yelp)

If you want to stay in the Oakland area, Stack’d is your place! This recently opened burger joint is right on Forbes Avenue, and if you have not been able to stop by, I would give it a try (especially on Tuesday nights, 9 pm until midnight for half off burgers)! This restaurant’s claim to fame is BYOS, build your own stack, so you are able to decide exactly what you want on your burger. I would recommend getting the curly fries as the side.


5. Fat Head’s Saloon (4.3/5 on Yelp)

Though this is a bar in the Southside, the most notable feature is the huge amount of food you receive. With their sandwiches called “Headwiches,” which they state are “sandwiches roughly the size of your head,” you know you are in a good place for food! I would recommend the Renee’s Red Hot and Blue Burger, which has cheddar, house-made bacon, Original Sauce, crumbled blue cheese, onion crisps, and ranch dressing.



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