21 Things to Do on Your 21st

My friends have been quickly approaching their big 21st birthdays this year. I recently became legal, as well! Here are 21 things you should do on your 21st birthday in Pittsburgh:

1. Take an obligatory 21st birthday pic for Instagram – Because if there’s no photographic proof of you turning 21, then did it actually even happen?

2. Go to Peter’s at midnight the night you turn 21 and get your horns – This is a rite of passage for anyone turning 21 in Pittsburgh. Wear that Viking hat with pride, friend.

3. Order an alcoholic drink for the first time at the bar – Hold out your card or money and yell for the bartender.

4. Get someone else to buy you a drink – It’s your birthday! Have someone else treat you.

5. Get the whole bar to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you – Obviously.

6. Take a birthday cake shot – Who needs an actual cake when you have an alcoholic version of it?

7. Take a shot with no hands – Even if you fail miserably, it’s okay because well, it’s your birthday!

8. Dance on a table – This night is about you! Show everyone you’re legal and ready to party!

9. Take 21 photos with strangers – Everyone is super nice during your 21st. This one will require little to no effort.

10. Drunk dial the 21st person in your contact list – Hopefully it’s one of your friends and not your employer!

11. Take a picture with a cop – You’re legal! You can’t get cited for underage drinking!

12. Take a pickle shot at G Door – Disgusting but nonetheless another ‘must’ for Pitt students.

13. Sing karaoke to the song of your choice – The bar plays great music! You’ll be too drunk to notice you’re singing off-key (and hopefully everyone else will be, too).

14. Dance with a stranger – Also requires little to no effort! One dance and onto the next.

15. Get a birthday kiss from a stranger (on the cheek works too!) – Please only do this if you’re single!

16. Pop champagne – Try not to hit anyone with the flying cork while you’re at it.

17. Make a toast – You made it to the best age ever. Let your parents, friends, dog, etc. know you owe it all to them.

18. Take a picture with someone also celebrating their birthday – Birthday twins!

19. Start a conga line – Who doesn’t love a conga line? Anyone?

20. Collect 21 dollar bills throughout the night – Put it towards your next round of drinks! Or save it for another night!

21. Have a Panther Bomb from Peter’s – Classic Pitt drink that has us happy to be a Pitt student


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