21 Gifts for Your Bestie’s 21st

Your best friend’s twenty-fun birthday is coming up fast and you have everything planned - your outfit, the bars, the party - but you’re still stuck on what gift to give her. Don’t panic! We have a list of 21 gifts that the birthday girl will definitely appreciate.

1. Glitter Wine Glasses

These glammed up glasses are sure to get a ton of use (and compliments) at wine nights.

2. A Personalized Flask

This is perfect for someone who prefers to carry their own alcohol. Get an engraved flask or paint one yourself to make it extra special.

3. A Deck of Cards

A deck of cards is essential to anyone who loves playing drinking games.

4. A Birthday Girl Sash

It’s your best friend’s 21st, so you want everyone to know whose night it is.

5. Cute Shot Glasses

There will be many shots taken at the pregame, and can anyone have too many shot glasses?

6. A Hangover Kit

After a night bar hopping, a hangover the next morning is inevitable. This is especially useful if her 21st falls on a weekday and she has class in the morning.

7. Birthday Cake

Cake is delicious - and many 21st themed cakes are hilarious. A decked-out dessert will get many laughs.

8. A Picture Board

Picture boards are adorable and a great way to remind your bff every day of how much you love her. This is a classy way to display all of the pictures from her birthday.

9. A Mixing Guide

Now that she’s legal, she has a whole new range of possible drinks to make. This gift will help her get started.

10. A Shot Clock

Alcohol may be a common-sense gift, but a shot clock will ensure that your best friend stays on a drunk schedule.

11. Jell-O Shots

Jell-O shots are good for a 21st gift on a budget - they just take a few simple ingredients and time.

12. A Sparkly Handle

This svedka is almost too pretty to drink!

13. Beer Cake

Your girl has graduated from smuggled Natty’s to Bud Light she can buy for herself.

14. A Hangover Lunch

Take the birthday girl out to lunch the day after at a local hangover recovery joint. In Pittsburgh, Fuel & Fuddle is the place to go.

15. Mimosa Ingredients

Mimosas are a great way to start off a long day of drinking.

16. Coffee or Tea

Both are vital to a quick recovery.

17. Chalk Mugs

Make sure no one confuses drinks by writing a name in chalk on the mug.

18. A Manicure

Even her nails can be birthday themed!

19. A Photo Album

There’s no better place to put all the polaroid photos you take together.

20. String Lights

She will have a use for all of her empty bottles.

21. Alcohol

A classic.


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