18 Cult Classic Movies Her Campus Pitt HASN’T Seen

I asked the ladies of Her Campus Pitt what movies they haven’t seen that are considered cult classics. A cult classic is “something, typically a movie or book, that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society” (Google Define), so it’s a very subjective term, but we picked out a select few that we still haven’t seen, even after all the hype.

These are the movies that, when you say you haven’t seen them, people react with “You seriously haven’t seen it?!” or “But it’s a classic!” or “You’re totally missing out!” Although we’re kind of ashamed to admit it, here are the movies we have yet to watch.

How many have you seen?

1. Forrest Gump (Katie Piscopio)

2. Castaway (Katie Milliken)

3. Step Brothers (Jessie Iacullo)

4. Wedding Crashers (Jessie Iacullo)

5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Lexi Surunis)

6. Fight Club (Danielle Rauch)

7. Pulp Fiction (Caroline Eddy)

8. The Dark Knight (Azeen Athar)

9. Legally Blonde (Lexi Nasonti)

10. Any of the Star Wars movies (Claire Le Gall and Jian Manganti)

11. Pitch Perfect (Kelly Dasta)

12. The Godfather (Katie Osborne)

13. Any of the Harry Potter movies (Emily Kearns)

14. Titanic (Emily Kearns)

15. The Wizard of Oz (Megan Baksi)

16. Anastasia (Fredrika Unander-Scharin)

17. Inception (Fredrika Unander-Scharin)

18. Any of the Halloweentown movies (Madison Shaftic)

Movie night, anyone?


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