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It’s that time of year again. Everyone is struggling at the last minute to find the perfect costume for Halloween. Well, look no further! Here are 16 unique costume ideas that range from funny, to cute, to couple costumes, or to group costumes.

1. Dunkin Donuts

It’s funny and extremely simple to make! All you need is an inner tube painted like a donut, a basketball jersey, & a basketball!


2. Cereal Killer

Grab some small boxes of cereal and plastic knives and tape them to yourself! Add some fake blood and you’re a cereal killer!


3. Thing 1 & 2

A cute Dr. Seuss costume that’s also very easy to put together! Who wouldn’t want to wear a tutu for Halloween?! (Side not: please don’t make the duck face in pictures. Just stop.)


4. Darla

Remember that psychotic girl Darla from Finding Nemo?? Her outfit is super easy to recreate for Halloween! Don’t forget the bag with a (NOT REAL) fish in it!


5. Where’s Waldo/Wanda

For couples who want to match this year, here is the perfect costume! Dress up as Wanda and Waldo!

(Warning: You might not be able to find each other.)


6. Sesame Street

If you’re looking for a Halloween-styled throwback, here it is! Dress up as the characters of sesame street for Halloween! It can even look cute!!


7. Rugrats

Dress your group up like the characters of rugrats for another Halloween styled throwback! Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil & Lil are a must and for a bigger group, add Kimmy, Suzie, Dill, and Spike!


8. Aladdin

If I see anyone using a skateboard as a magic carpet, we are getting married. This is the best costume, especially if you love Disney, or your girlfriend loves Disney and you want to add your own little funny flair to the costume!


9. Breakfast Club

Don’t you forget about the best 80’s movie ever! Get a group of friends and go as the characters from the Breakfast Club! Just don’t all go as the same guy…


10. Pretty Skeleton

If you’re really good at make-up, paint your face to look like a unique skeleton! You can get creative with it and you can wear pretty much whatever you want with it as long as the colours match!


11. Mean Girls

If you have a group of four or more, dress up as the cast of mean girls! Cady, Gretchen, Regina, & Karen are essential for this group costume, and if you have more, throw in  Aaron Samuels, Shane Omen, Janis Ian, Damian, or Glen Coco.


12. VHS tape

Add a little nostalgia to your Halloween costume and go as a VHS tape! I would bet anything that anyone under the age of 16 would have no idea what a VHS tape is.


13. Spice Rack

The classic spice rack costume is still a thing that people dress up as today. Just get a big bra and put some typical spices, like pepper, cumin, chili powder, chives, thyme, rosemary, etc. and stuff it in your bra.


14. Freudian Slip

This is the perfect costume for psychology majors, like myself. Just get a slip or any dress that looks like a slip and tape different Sigmund Freud related words and you are now a walking Freudian Slip. I bet there is an hidden meaning to this costume…


15. Assault & Battery

Now a costume for Pre-Law students; one of you dresses up as a salt shaker and the other is a battery.


16. Play-doh

Play–doh. Get it Plato?? Bring out your philosophical, nerdy side as Plato! Just wrap yellow fabric around your waist with the word Plato on it, round red fabric on your head, a toga, and a long, grey beard, and there you go! You are officially Plato.


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