15 Throwback TV Shows That We Thrived On As Kids

The girls at Her Campus Pitt are throwing it back to the era of the most iconic kid’s TV shows: the ‘90s into the early 2000s. We basically lived vicariously through these high quality shows produced by Nickelodeon, Disney, and PBS, and in our opinion, they have yet to be surpassed in excellence by the shows that have followed.  These are some of our favorites that deserve the utmost praise and attention. 

Full House – 1987  

Yes, Full House did not start in the 1990s, but this series transcends time. We all learned so many life lessons from the daily experiences of the Tanner clan, especially how to keep a tidy house thanks to the one and only Danny Tanner.  

“Full house is a great feel good family show plus, who doesn't love Uncle Jesse?” – Mehaa Shah 


Fresh Prince of Bel Air - 1990 



In West Philadelphia, born and raised! We didn’t go a day without hearing this iconic theme song each night. Will’s antics and the killer roasts among the family gave us stomach-splitting laughter. Jumping off the couch to attempt the Carlton dance was a given, although we never quite reached Carlton’s level of skill.  


Hey Arnold – 1996 

“I absolutely loved Hey Arnold and I still watch it when it’s on at like 2am!” – Megan Noll 


Wild Thornberrys – 1998 

“I was obsessed with the Wild Thornberrys when I was little. I was very upset that my parents didn’t homeschool me so we could travel through the jungle and that I couldn’t have a pet monkey or little brother. They bought me a fish instead and I named it Donnie.” – Haley Platt 


The Amanda Show – 1999 

Bring out the dancing lobsters! The Amanda Show was basically SNL for kids – genius. We could not wait to watch the hilarious skits featuring Amanda’s crazy roles. We knew the scenes’ catch phrases like the back of our hand! The Girls’ Room, Totally Kyle, Blockblister, and Hillbilly Moment are just a few of the skits that left us cracking up. Let’s not forget the “advertisements” between scenes…you know you wanted a box of Mammal-O’s cereal. 


Even Stevens – 2000 

“I was basically obsessed with Shia Lebouff before he boarded the crazy train and I could quote the whole Even Stevens movie.” – Casey Schmauder 


Fairly Odd Parents - 2001 

Our dream was to be Timmy Turner, just so we could have endless wishes granted to us by Cosmo and Wanda. 

“So funny! I still remember the Icky Vicky and Shiny Teeth and Me songs.” – Samie Lee 


Lizzie McGuire – 2001  

“I used to spend HOURS on Disneychannel.com and play the Lizzie McGuire dress up game. I also still remember all the lyrics to Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis CD” – Ashleigh Bowling 


Liberty’s Kids - 2002 

“I was obsessed with this show. It was all about the Revolutionary War and it was my favorite!” – Monica Hurtado 


That’s So Raven – 2003 

Ya Nasty! That’s So Raven was the epitome of backfiring plots, convoluted schemes and disguises, and classic comebacks. Raven’s power of having visions of the future was (and still is) super cool to us.  


Drake & Josh – 2004 

This show is the bomb. Hands down. There was no brotherly relationship quite like that of Drake and Josh, and as soon as Megan stepped into the scene, we knew things were about to get interesting. Drake and Josh’s personalities combined with the situations in which they find themselves gives us this one of a kind comedic masterpiece.  

“How I learned to do the sass.” – Casey Schmauder 


Avatar the Last Airbender - 2005 

“I watched it with my dad, and it gives really good messages to people and kids on understanding and acceptance. I definitely want to watch this with my kids when I’m a parent.” – Samie Lee 


Zoey 101 – 2005 

“I wanted to go to boarding school so badly because of that show and I had the BIGGEST crush on Chase.” – Mariah Celeste 


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – 2005 

Zack and Cody literally lived the sweet life – a huge hotel as your home and carefree shenanigans, what more could we want? Besides this dynamic duo, we loved London and Maddie’s interactions. Dreams of owning London’s closet filled our minds, but we all knew deep down that we were Maddie at heart. 


H2O – 2006 

“I was obsessed with mermaids when I was little and always wondered how the girls in it existed if they turned into mermaids when water touched them.” – Kate McKeaney 




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