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woman taking pictures near handrail
woman taking pictures near handrail
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14 Types of People You Have on Snapchat

If you have a snapchat, you know people tend to develop habits while snapping. Some are funny, some are entertaining, some are annoying, and some are downright dangerous. Check out this list of some of the most common people you encounter on snapchat.

1. The Non-Stop Partier


We all know this person. They go out every night of every weekend and feel the need to document their party experience in the form of a 100-second-long story of flashing lights in a dark room, red solo cups and the occasional blurry selfie.


2. The Filter Freak


This person is a hoot. Every snap of them uses a funny filter and they’re always up to date on the latest ones available.


3. The Ugly Snapper


This person doesn’t need a filter but is equally entertaining. Expect hordes of double chin pics, photos from unflattering angles and straight up ridiculous faces.


4. The Dangerous Driver


Despite the disclaimer on the speed limit snap filter, this person LOVES to snap while driving. Not only are pictures of the road not interesting, but taking them is dangerous! Please, for everyone’s safety, STOP.


5. The Foodie


On a safer note, the foodie is the first to pull their phone out when they have a delicious plate of food in front of them, while the rest of us dig in. Or if they’re really into it, their story may be full of their step-by-step cooking/baking process.


6. The Streaker


This person is only in it for the streak. You get a daily snap, usually of the floor, a foot, or a blurry selfie with the caption “streak.” And if you lose the streak, you’re practically dead to them.


7. The Caption-Only


They’re the person who always sends a black screen filled with text, which defeats the whole purpose of snapchat. They’re either too lazy to switch to texting, it’s dark where they are or they hate taking pictures of themselves.


8. The Selfie Lover


If you get a snapchat from this person, always expect a selfie, usually with no caption or purpose. Or they will post long snap stories with a string of cute selfies telling a story, when we knew they just wanted to take pictures of themselves.


9. The Embarrassing Drunk


We’ve all been there at least once. But this person’s drunk ego can never keep away from their phone. Different from the party snapper, they usually send you a string of individual snaps, which are usually ugly selfies, embarrassing videos, and captions that make no sense.


10. The Ghost


You don’t even know why this person has a snapchat. You send pictures to them but never get a snap in return. And in the rare instance they send you something, if you reply, don’t even expect something back. They usually use the excuse “I don’t know what to take a picture of!”


11. Sittin’ on the Toilet


You may think it’s funny or gross, but for whatever reason this person loves to snap you while on the toilet to pass time. And they really make you think about the weirdness of our generation.


12. The Cuddly Couple


You may think it’s funny or gross, but for whatever reason this person loves to snap you while on the toilet to pass time. And they really make you think about the weirdness of our generation.



13. Snap TV


This person finds it necessary to somehow live-snap the TV show or movie they’re binging. This doesn’t make sense though, because everyone just watches TV if they want to watch it, not a blurry snippet from a snap story.


14. The Procrasti-Snapper


This person often sends the majority of their snapchats when they’re doing their homework. It’s usually funny passages form their textbooks, the minimal progress of their essay, or their friends goofing off in the library.

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