13 Movies & Shows to Add to Your Spooky Season Watchlist

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I would compile a list of not-so-scary (but still just-as-spooky) movies and shows to help get you in the mood for the best holiday of the year.

1. Halloween Town

Gif by Disney via MTV

This movie allowed all of us to let out our inner witch, even if it was for just a couple of days of the year. The wonderful and talented Debbie Reynolds plays the magical grandma we honestly all wished we had. Plus, I thought for sure that I was actually a witch, and I was just waiting for my grandma to tell me the truth about our family. But alas, some things are better left onscreen.

2. Hocus Pocus

Photo by Walt Disney Pictures via Mental Floss

A classic. What more can I say?

3. The Addams Family

Gif by Paramount Pictures via Giphy

Coming from a girl that has been Wednesday Addams at least three times for Halloween, I can confidently say that this movie is fantastic. The Addams Family is one of my all-time favorite films, no matter the season, but there is something extra special about watching this movie during October. P.S. If you want to extend the spooky season even further, be sure to watch Addams Family Values which includes the wonderful “reenactment” of the first Thanksgiving, just in time for Turkey Day.

4. ParaNorman

Photo by Focus Features via  Den of Geek

One of the most slept on Tim Burton movies, in my opinion, this stop motion film will not only make you laugh at surprisingly funny dialogue, but it will also make you bawl at the relatable and sympathetic nature of the main character, Norman. This one will really play with your heartstrings. 

5. American Horror Story

Photo by FX via Cinema Blend

It took me a while to watch this show, but after finally caving, I have been obsessed ever since. It is a bit grittier and darker than many of the other options on this list, but if you pick the right seasons, you can enjoy the maximum amount of plot with the least amount of gore. My top three Halloweeny seasons are Coven (witches galore), Murder House (sometimes you just can’t outdo the original) and Hotel (Lady Gaga, vampires and Evan Peters’s accent...oh my!).

6. Beetlejuice

Photo by Warner Brothers via Gizmodo

If you’re looking for a few jumpy moments to get your heart racing, Beetlejuice is the movie for you. Young Winona Ryder plays the powerful and headstrong Lydia alongside the wonderful Pittsburgh native, Michael Keaton, who is the disgustingly funny Beetlejuice. The two of them cook up the perfect recipe for a good scare.

7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Photo by Netflix via themarysue

I’m a sucker for the classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and I used to watch the reruns on repeat as a child. So, when I learned that they were coming out with a new version, I was ecstatic. If you are looking for a deeper and darker twist on the original fun-loving show, this is for you. With only two seasons, this is an easy binge-watch on a cold and rainy October weekend.

8. Casper

Photo by Universal Studios via Into Film

Younger me fell in love with both ghost and human Casper, and after watching this film, so will you. There’s no surprise that this adorable family-friendly film remains the most watchable ghost movie of all time, even after 25 years.

9. Zombieland 

Photo by Columbia Pictures via  dreadcentral

A little gory, slightly scary and hilariously funny. This powerhouse of a cast includes Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and, my personal favorite, Bill Murray. The actors do a killer job (literally) in this fun action zombie film to prepare you to witness all of the drunken ‘zombies’ that will be roaming around South O during Halloweekend.

10. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Photo by Peanuts via ABC Action News

The perfect family film to have on in the background while making fall treats and mulled cider. While this movie will not only help to soothe those mid-semester homesickness blues, it also serves as a great inspiration for easy and simple group Halloween costumes.

11. The Blair Witch Project

Photo by Haxan Film via IMDB

Like I said earlier, I am not a fan of scary films, but sometimes there are films that are so bad they’re good. This is how I feel about The Blair Witch Project. Now, before you come after me, this film does have a few good scares, and it had a great plot at the time. However, watching it twenty years after the release allows for the film to tickle your funny bone and make your heart race at the same time.

12. Night of the Living Dead

Photo by Unknown via IMDB

If you like films where the main characters continuously scream and make stupid decisions for two hours, oh, do I have a film for you. This classic film single-handedly started the zombie phenomenon, and it’s a great watch for any horror or cinema buff out there.

13. The Little Vampire

Photo by Unknown via ProProfs

Now, you may have to look deep, deep into your subconscious for any recognition of this film, but I swear, it’s there. This odd but original Disney film is a cute little way to kick off the month and will leave you with a weird déjà vu feeling during the whole hour and forty-five minutes.