10 Unique Weddings Themes You’ve Never Considered But Definitely Will Now

Have you had a Pinterest wedding board since you were 16? (Mine is called “I Think I Wanna Marry You” – shout out to Bruno Mars). Well, I’ve been #blessed to see a lot of amazing wedding photos/venues/themes thanks to a weddings internship at Pittsburgh Magazine last fall, but recently I’ve seen some out-of-the-box themes popping up in BuzzFeed articles such as a wedding located at and completely themed around Taco Bell! (Not my personal favorite, but I can give them mad points for creativity). It got me thinking about all the wedding theme possibilities and made me want to scour the depths of the Internet to find some new favorites. So get off the beach and get out of the barn, and consider some of these ideas for a wedding (or kickass Pinterest board) your guests (*cough* followers) will truly enjoy.  


1. A Gamers’ Wedding  

Was anybody else obsessed with Mario Party? There’s no reason that love has to go away with age… 


2. A Teacher’s A+ 

If you or your partner is a schoolteacher, or even if ya just love learning, this theme is will definitely earn you a gold star… 


The couple used school desks for the photo booth and sent the photos in their thank-you notes!    

3. May the Odds Be Ever in Your (Wedding) Favor  

Because what bride doesn’t want a mockingjay pinned to her dress?  


4. Jumpstart Your Lives Together  

This couple got married on a bungee jumping platform, and took the plunge after they both said, I Do!  

5. Elsa-Esque  

If the cold doesn’t bother you anyway, consider a glacial wedding – the pictures will give you chills!

6. Ready, Set, Run 

If you’re an active couple, why let your wedding slow you down?  

7. Safari Soulmates  

You’re lion if you don’t think this theme is adorable… 



8. No Force Can Keep Us Apart  

For the movie buff in you… 



9. For The Wizard in You 

Bring wizards and muggles together for a big Harry Potter celebration! 

10. Marine Marriage  

If you’ve found your lobster, you might as well get married under the sea… 

Brb while I start planning my own wedding!  




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