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10 Things You Can Do In College That You Can’t Do In The Real World


1. Use any minor accomplishment as an excuse to get wasted.

You didn’t skip class today? Good for you. Go ahead and pour yourself a drink. You deserve it.

2. Plan your own schedule.

Friday classes? 8 a.m. lectures? 4 hour labs? Nah. Do what you want to do, whenever you’d like.

3. Have a couch on your front porch.

Grab an old, dirty couch on the side of the curb, put it on your porch, sit, and crack open a beer. No one will judge you.

4. Have total freedom and no responsibility.

There are no rules when you’re living away at college. If you want to go out on Tuesday night instead of studying for a big exam you have the next day, you can. If you want to leave the dishes in the sink for two weeks, you can. Your opportunities are endless. This may be the only time in your life when you have no one to take care of and no obligation to act a certain way.

5. Wear sweatpants in public.

Everyone wears sweats. Whether it’s 8 a.m. or 11 p.m., no one will judge you for your horrendous groutfit. Stop dressing up for class. Embrace that this is the only time in your life where it is socially acceptable to dress like a hobo anytime of the day.

6. Take naps whenever you want.

Napping is one of the most essential parts of a college student’s day. Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t make it back to your dorm; we’ve all seen that girl who falls asleep on the couch in the quiet study room. You do you girl.

7. Eat whatever you want.

Campus dining halls are often criticized for their lack of quality food, yet they should not be taken for granted. Having the option to eat buffet style for every meal is a true luxury. Stuff it all in before your metabolism catches up with you.

8. Choose Netflix Over Anything.

Netflix will never let you down. It recommends shows based on your interests, it’s always on, and it does not require you to move a muscle to turn on the next episode. It may deprive you of sleep and occasionally cause you to skip classes but yolo, right?

9. Be spontaneous.

If it’s Friday night and you have no definite plans for the weekend, go do something spontaneous. Go on a road trip, to a concert, or go get a tattoo. This time is precious. Do not waste it.

10. Make out with strangers.

After graduating college you will never be able to just make out with someone again so easily. You may actually have to talk to them, know their name, and a few of their interests. So while you have the chance, go ahead and grind with a total stranger and have a dance floor make out. Although you will probably regret it in the morning, at the time it will seem like the best decision you’ve ever made. 


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