10 Things To Do Tonight Besides Party

Maybe you’re not a party person, or maybe you just want to skip the party scene this weekend. Either way, we’ve got your back.


1. Have Movie Night! If you want to leave Oakland, local theaters like Southside Works, AMC Loews 22 at the Waterfront, and the Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill all show the newest blockbusters. Sometimes though, yoga pants and the comfort of your dorm are too hard to resist—rent a movie on iTunes, or grab some of your floormates and commandeer the lounge TV. Ring in the holiday season with rom-coms like Love Actually, or channel your Pittsburgh pride with The Perks of Being A Wallflower or The Dark Knight Rises.

2. Go to an On-Campus Event! Her Campus clues you in to the hottest campus events of the week, and Pitt Program Council (@wedopittevents on Twitter) always hosts fun events on the weekends—they're usually free for students, and there’s a pretty strong chance you’ll get free food.

3. Catch up on Personal Grooming! You keep telling yourself you want to paint your nails, and you’ve been putting off plucking your eyebrows. Take the night to primp and pamper yourself.

4. Try a New Restaurant! Seviche is an AMAZING Tapas-style restaurant downtown, and Aladdin’s Eatery in Squirrel Hill serves fantastic Middle Eastern food. They’re affordable, too, so they won’t strain your budget!

5. Shop in South Side! You’ll find stores like American Eagle, H&M, and Forever 21. If you’re on a budget, you can hit up Goodwill with $20 in your pocket. (Pro-tip: Cheesecake Factory is right down the street. Just sayin’.)

6. See a Concert! Jay-Z, Neulore, and Ladysmith Black Mumbazo are all playing Pittsburgh venues in January alone. How much more variety can you ask for?!

7. Go Downtown! Free Port Authority transportation is your friend. Take any 61 or 71 downtown and you’ll have the city at your fingertips. There are restaurants, shops, and bars galore, but what’s even more fun is meandering around the city and exploring on your own. Stroll by the fountain at PPG place or admire the skyline from one of Pittsburgh’s countless bridges.

8. Attend a Sporting Event! Football season may be over, but basketball season is upon us. Trek up to the Pete to support the team, and don’t forget your blue and gold!

9. Play Your Own Sports! Get a group together to play Frisbee on the Cathedral lawn. Feeling nostalgic? Start a killer game of freeze tag or Red Rover (and Vine it, of course).

10. Netflix Marathon! Stock up on pretzels and Nutella because Arrested Development is calling your name. Trust me, alone time builds character.


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